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There is no two line Struggle, but Class Struggle from Next Front Nepal

There is no two line Struggle, but Class Struggle . A real picture within UCPN (Maoist)
On 3rd   April 2012, Comrade Mohan Baidhya ‘Kiran’ and Comrade Ram Bahadur  Thapa  ‘ Badal’ released a 11ptpress statement. The   essence   of that press statement was to make clear how Prachand is creating delusion within the party and misleading the cadres.  As they have mentioned that:
Hence in total, this resolution has theoretically, politically and organisationally gone farther behind the common resolution adopted by the last Central Committee meeting. In this very resolution, no attention has been paid on the issues that include new democratic revolution, the defence of national sovereignty, opposition to feudalism and imperialism/expansionism, four preparations and four bases etc.
In the last Central Committee meeting it was categorically pointed out that people will evidently have right to rebel if the constitution of People’s Federal Republic is not written and the peace process does not lead to a logical conclusion supported by dignified army integration. But in this resolution, unilateral emphasis has been laid on peace and constitution from this very government and no attention has been paid on the serious conspiracies being hatched and to be hatched by the reactionaries in relation to them. On the contrary, the comrades who caution against this have been labelled as standing against peace and constitution. Looking at from this angle, this resolution is directed, not against the class enemy, but against the revolutionary Marxist trend in the party and it has been manifested in practice too.
In conclusion, although there were partial differences between chairman comrade Prachanda and comrade Baburam in ideology and the way of thinking but for some time now and arriving at this resolution, the difference is almost non-existent. This resolution, which has been presented and adopted by the joint initiative of two ideological factions, shows that the leaders of both factions are speedily moving towards Pragmatism in philosophy, right revisionist liquidationism, class and national capitulationism in politics, bureaucratic and anarchist individualism in organisation. This is the real essence of the resolution adopted by the bilateral coalition.
But Prachand was in his own way. Tuesday, on 9th April  in the meeting of  ‘Army Integration Special Committee (AISC) Prachand decided to handover the PLA to Nepal Army. When this decision came into light Baidhya faction immediately organized a press conference and publicized it’s opinion . One of the main Leader of Baidhya faction and the Coordinator  of ‘Joint  National People’s Movement’ Committee’ (JNPMC) Comrade CP Gajurel  ’Gaurav’ addressed the Medias

This is not integration, this is  the surrender of PLA. What is being done is disarmament of the PLA. We don’t see any integration taking place. This is merely a regular recruitment in the army. The signing of the seven-point agreement had come as a signal that the our party’s leadership is going to surrender. Prachanda has betrayed the revolution and has preferred the path of National surrender. We strongly condemn the decision. We also appeal to the patriots, republicans, self-esteemed people as well as those who want forward looking changes to jump into action and oppose the move.
Then Baidhy Faction announced the new program to protest the surrender of People’s Army. In fact, it was a preplanned conspiracy. Prachand, who was waiting for this opportunity came out in his real colour.  It was a vital issue of national surrender and the betrayal of the Nepalese revolution, done by Prachand and Baburam Bhattrai .  No matter, now these two thugs are turned into the renegades of 21st century .
Next morning, on April 10,

Baidhy Faction launched one hour Chakkajam (transportation strike) across the country from 10.00 am to 11.00 am. And Wednesday evening they took out a torch rally in Kathmandu and other main cities and district headquarters, protesting against the decision to deploy Nepal Army (NA) in the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) cantonments. The protesters chanted slogans against Prachand-Baburam conspiracy, demanding removal of NA personnel from the PLA camps. The protesters also burnt the effigies of Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Baburam Bhattarai– the conspirators.
When the protesters started to move forward from ‘Bhugol Park’, Police intervened the rally. Police and the protestors clashed when policemen tried to snatch torches and banners from the protestors.  There was a   massive attack by police. Cadres were brutally beaten, wherein 22 protestors have been injured.  Some were seriously injured and were hospitalized.  Among them, General secretary Comrade Badal. CCM Comrade Dinesh Sharm,’ sagar’,  leader of cultural front Comrade Maila Lama  and Comrade Matrika Yadav were the prominent figures.
Comrade Ram Bahadur Thapa ‘Badal’ leader of revolutionary Faction was leading the torch rally. Addressing the rally Comrade Badal said :
Boots and batons would not deter them from fighting for national sovereignty and integrity. We will take revenge one by one . This is not the government of UCPN (Maoist) . This is a anti-people and anti national government–a government of National Surrender.
Thursday, on 12th April, the JNPMC organized a press conference and announced the new program .  In the press release Comrade Gaurav condemned the Bhattarai Government as a reactionary government,  a goverment of  fascist  acts, like  the regime of King Gyendra .  He stressed that:  Baburam Bhattarai-led government  is a “fascist” coalition. We condemn the fascist act of the government and also warn the government not to repeat such atrocity.   They announced the second phase of protest program. They announced mass gatherings and take out protest rallies across the country from April 20 to May 14.
In the mean time the ‘disqualified’ and ‘dissatisfied’  PLA have  formed a ‘Peoples’ Liberation Army Struggle Committee’ across the country and threatened to take up the arms against the party chairman Prachand and Prime Minister Babu ram Bhattarai .  The sixth division battalion commander Dhana Bahadur Bogati has been appointed coordinator of the struggle committee. Bogati, issuing a press statement on April 11, 2012 has said:
It was Prachanda and Baburam’s submissive decision to handover the revolutionary armed forces to the Nepal Army…The process is not accepted to the revolutionary Peoples’ Army. We demand immediate withdrawal of the decision. He warned that : The government and the party have to pay a heavy price if our demands are not met with. Our arms could be pointed towards Prachanda and Baburam.
The Baidhya Faction is launching the protest programs through joint front and it is strengthening their power across the country. They are in the door to door program in the rural areas and they are making the cadres aware about the current situation.  Prachand  and Baburam, who are  regularly mishandling state machinery to suppress the revolutionaries  are  badly terrified.  And it is certain that in the coming days they will come with more fascist activities.  In fact, now there is no any two line struggle within UCPN(Maoist) . The struggle has been turned into class struggle.  It is not the question of Prachand-Baburam faction and Baidhy faction, it is the question of two class outlook and two class interest. No one can deny  this reality .

Source: The Next Front Nepal

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