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Ernst Thalmann Song - His memory lives on

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Ernst Thalmann German Communist leader 
16 April 1886 – 18 August 1944

In October 1926 Thälmann supported in person the dockers' strike in his home town of Hamburg. 

He saw this as solidarity with the British miners' strike which had started on 1 May and had been profitable for Hamburg Docks as an alternative supplier of coal. Thälmann's argument was that this strike-breaking in Hamburg had to be stopped. 

We at Democracy and Class Struggle want to remember Ernst Thalmann's and German Workers solidarity with the 1926 Miners strike in Britain has you will not find that in school textbooks, it has been airbrushed from history just like other working class solidarity struggles. 

Thälmann spent over eleven years in solitary confinement under the Nazis.

In August 1944, he was transferred from Bautzen prison to Buchenwald concentration camp. There, on 18 August,  on Hitler's orders, he was shot

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Elise Kehle said...

Any idea where I can find a good comprehensive work on his life? the wikipedia page focuses mostly on the factional tensions, and the mention I hear of him in other contexts are often dismissive. I loved the films when I finally found them, but I want more!

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