Saturday, April 14, 2012

Resurgent Republican Action - English Queen Not wanted in Wales

On  5th June 2012 'Jubilee Day' Radical Republicans must become 'RESURGENT REPUBLICANS' and carry out the following events and activities over a wide as area of our country as possible from Dawn to Dusk:

1: Mass 'Black Flag Action' on trees and lamp posts and 'Black Ribbons' tied to fences and road signs by  sides of roads(am) and Poster/Sticker Action(pm) all and every where throughout the land.

2: Seek out to photograph every Brit Monarchist Statue, Memorial and Plaque any where in our Country, so we can mark them down to dump in a Land Fill site when we are free.

3: The 'Brit Monarchist Shits' will be having 'Jubilee Beacons/Bonfires. all over during evening of 5th June we must  have by dusk at least a few, if only symbolic token gesture Anti - Jubilee Republican Beacons/Bonfires across the land, where ever inc your back garden if no where else

4: What ever Republican Protest Action/Activity you can think of and carry out, make it happen and walk the walk!

RED REPUBLICAN in 'Great Unrest 2012'.

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