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Statement of the Maoist Communist Party of France on the Presidential Elections

In this campaign, we put forward the slogan: "WHATEVER THE OUTCOME OF ELECTIONS, PREPARE THE REVOLUTION! ".

The first round results reinforce this statement and our analysis in the leaflet that we disseminated widely (see Whatever the election results, prepare the revolution!).

For several years, we note the rise of a continuous process of building a modern form of fascism is embodied in a state apparatus and increasingly police activity. 

The rise of a modern form of fascism is implanted in nearly all imperialist countries. It meets the needs for the bourgeoisie in the organization of its production to be competitive on the international market it organizes and controls.

This restructuring process began in the early '70s, precisely in 1973 with the oil crisis. Whole sections of industry like steel and mines were liquidated, causing a steady rise in unemployment, the gradual reduction of social benefits, the increase in sovereign debt.

Mitterrand's nationalizations have been compensated at the highest price, and once delivered ok, they were privatized again. This shows that whatever the government, it bails out the big industrial groups with taxpayer money. Successive governments of left and right continued to grant exemptions, but took no retaliatory action to prevent offshoring, rising unemployment, the State debt.

After the collapse of the socialist system in the USSR and China, the middle class has expanded the extension of the imperialist system. The transformation of the former communist parties into social democratic parties has accelerated the conciliatory policies and directions of trade unions and the anger and disgust of some of the popular classes and the working class.

The right-wing parties, but also "left", under pressure of the National Front and the general discontent, have taken over part of the theses put forward by the extreme right, which accentuated the discontent against the government. 

Note here that the National Front denounced the financial elite under the term "hyper-liberalism" but is careful not to denounce the capitalist system itself and that this system is the cause of unemployment, poverty; that means, it becomes covered with a capitalist illusion . All this explains the rise of the National Front.

The rise of the Left Front and the Socialist Party is seen as the answer to all those who are crushed by the iron heel of capital and who are aware of the hazards of the National Front, all those who want to get rid of Nicolas Sarkozy, who personifies capital exploiter and oppressor. This increase represents the hope that socialist reforms will be taken to alleviate their suffering.

But they the Left Front have  announced that we will have to make sacrifices, we will have that wealth is more evenly distributed between the rich and the poor and other evangelical discourse, but that will not affect the system itself, that we simply try to reform it to make it more human.

But all wealth is produced by social labor. Natural resources are produced, harvested, collected, transported, processed by the work of millions of workers and are the true riches. Control of the means of production and natural resources is the challenge of power and that is why they are captured by military force and coercion by exploiters whose enrichment comes from hours and producing a surplus that is the gain.

That's why we believe that "Without power, all is illusion."

The real advance to ask to resolve the crisis and address the problems of the masses is the expropriation of those who have accumulated wealth through theft of part of the product provided by the work and / or by land rent is ie by controlling the means of production, means of exchange, transport, communications, and earth. Without it then it is not possible to eliminate unnecessary products, harmful, criminal and replace them with new productions useful to society and to the flourishing of humanity.

This objective can be achieved only through the proletarian revolution. It is then to adopt a strategy to destroy the state apparatus of the bourgeoisie.

In the imperialist countries like ours, the first task is to overthrow the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie that we face today, and which we see the havoc it causes in the lives of manual and intellectual workers, and build dictatorship of the proletariat. 

Do not be afraid of words: dictatorship means the domination of one class over another.

Today, is it not the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie against us, the workers who produce the wealth that allows them to get rich? 

The system is not yet done for them? They call it democracy because  once a plant is busy or a revolt broke out, the cops are sent to quell.

Expropriate the capitalist dictatorship say our class against those who persue us today about our work, our housing and arming the people against each other for profit.

It is ultimately nothing, than reclaiming what is ours to put at the service of society and a way to stop the exploiters to regain power. The dictatorship of the proletariat, that is democracy for our class, far greater in number and importance of the bourgeois class.

It is therefore our duty to stand beside the proletariat and the working classes, to lead the fight against exploitation and oppression, to learn from them. 

But a Communist must warn against the reformist illusions that can only strengthen the most reactionary wing of the bourgeoisie. 

The National Front will develop the process of modern fascism initiated by Nicolas Sarkozy for the bourgeoisie can no longer govern today as yesterday and needs a fascism for the times to retain its privileges, its sources of profit.

We need to build the three instruments necessary to defeat the class enemy, and the most reactionary wing of finance capital. These three instruments are: the Communist Party, the Revolutionary Front Anti-Capitalist / Fascist and Popular (FRAP) and the fighting force. 

FRAP must consolidate the proletariat and the working classes, the progressive elements intellectuals, youth and women revolutionaries and more generally all those who want to fight to overthrow this system. 

The fighting force must be able to meet the state attacks and fascists who will not hesitate to commit aggressions and provocations against the people. It is necessary for the triumph of the revolution during a process of protracted struggle until victory and the defense thereafter.

In the immediate future, whatever the election result we must prepare the revolution and organize ourselves to fight workers' committees in enterprises involving union and non-unionized, neighborhood committees to implement what is needed to solve the problem of housing, including housing and requisition empty premises and make available the inadequately housed and homeless, mobilize volunteers to rehabilitate them, organize popular nurseries, schools and adult education centers to supplement the deficiencies of Education, in connection with those who have already committed on that land there, mobilizing progressive intellectuals and scientists, establish purchasing cooperatives, services, etc.., short take on the neighborhood at its tasks of the revolution and construction step by step the people's power to make it a powerful barrier against fascism modern.

Fascism is the increased use, the nationalist reaction and is, as in the first war and second world war, the use of the common people as cannon fodder.

With other people around the world we will win, whatever the trials and difficulties!

PC Maoist de France offers you a program not reform but a battle station for the revolution!


PC Maoist FranceApril 2012

Any Mistakes in Translation are the fault of Democracy and Class Struggle and not the PC Maoist of France.

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