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(new) Italian Communist Party’s Statement in solidarity with Palestinian resistance

(new) Italian Communist Party’s Statement in solidarity with Palestinian resistance

We received, translated and release this statement the (new) Italian Communist Party did in solidarity with Palestinian resistance.

CARC Party – International Department

(new) Italian Communist Party
Provisional Commission of the Central Committee

Delegation: BP3 4, rue Lénine 93451 L'Île St Denis (Francia)

28th December 2008

Solidarity with Palestinian people resisting to Zionist occupation!
Let everybody protest against the reprisal the Zionist State of Israel launched against the population of Gaza Strip!
Let’s protest against political, economical and military aid that Berlusconi government and the Vatican are giving to Israel!

Saturday 27 December the Zionist armed forces launched an operation of reprisal against Palestinian population of Gaza Strip. Owing to the huge superiority of Zionist army over the forces of Palestinian resistance, with their bombing the Zionist armed forces already killed more than three hundred of Palestinians and wounded many other hundreds. Anyway, the fierce reprisal, carried out as the Nazis did, does not bend Palestinian people’s resistance. Hamas and other organizations liven the resistance and oppose the aggression by all means available. Despite the campaign of intoxication of the public opinion carried out by imperialist governments and by the Vatican, supporting Zionists’ right of reprisal and Zionists’ right to occupy Palestine, in many countries demonstrations of solidarity with Palestinian people, supporting the resistance he opposes to occupation of Palestine, are now going on.

The resistance that Palestinian people opposes to Zionist occupation of Palestine and to the existence of the racist and theocratic State of Israel for fifty years is completely rightful. Freedom and independence are inalienable rights of Palestinian people, so as of any other people. Giving up to Zionist occupation of Palestine would mean giving up the struggle for their progress, for a dignified life and human right by now universally acknowledged. Palestinian resistance will end only when abuses of power and Zionist occupation will end.

Palestinian people’s struggle for ending occupation is an important part of the struggle that peoples carry out for putting an end to imperialism and for opening a way of progress for the humanity all over the world.

Communists and progressive people must support Palestinian people’s heroic resistance and in particular they must support the organizations of Palestinian resistance that struggle for creating one State in Palestine, with no discriminations of race and religion..

In particular it is important that Hebrew progressive people support Palestinian resistance and struggle more and more strongly for putting an end to the Zionist State of Israel.

This is the better base for defeating the manoeuvres by which Zionists and their supporters are trying to identify Zionism with Hebrews' rights, anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism, so fomenting anti-Semitism.

Israeli State is one of the colonial enterprises carried out by European and US bourgeoisie. It survived to the victorious struggle against colonialism and imperialism the communist movement enlivened in the first part of the last century.
Most of the colonies the imperialist groups and colonial powers created with the support of Vatican and its missions are vanished. Israeli State still survives because it has become the bridgehead of the aggression and of the manoeuvres of US imperialism against Arabian peoples. Still today, it has the support of European imperialist States and of the Vatican. Also in the oppressed countries, the States puppet of imperialism are supporting it. On the contrary, all the progressive forces oppose Israeli Zionist State and support Palestinian people's resistance.

Zionism is the Hebrew version of racism. Zionism is for Hebrews what Fascism was for Italians and Nazism for Germans. It is the specifically Hebrew form of the reactionary mobilization of popular masses in the epoch of capitalism sunset and of the beginning of socialist revolution in the world. Zionism is born and lives transforming in struggle against the Palestinian people the just Hebrews' struggle against the discrimination and persecution that feudal, reactionary and bourgeois regimes inflicted them, following the footsteps of the Catholic Church.
Zionists try to present themselves as the defenders of the Hebrews that many imperialist States and movements persecuted and are persecuting in Europe. As a matter of fact, just from the beginning, the Zionist movement tried to prevent Hebrews' mobilization in the communist movement: many Hebrews, starting from Karl Marx and Rosa Luxemburg, were eminent exponents of the communist movement, the most radical enemy of anti-Semitism and of every national and racial discrimination. Fifty years ago, the fascist regime supported by Vatican officially issued the racial laws also in Italy, while Fascists and Nazis roused the persecution everywhere. Even then Zionists did not promoted Hebrews' mobilization in the antifascist and antinazi resistance carried out by the working class, the other classes and the oppressed peoples. They were instead making agreement for increasing Hebrews' emigration in Palestine and getting more men for supporting the colonial enterprise they started still from the end of 19th century. After the Second World War, Israel State became the bridgehead of US imperialism in the Middle East and a promoting centre of its reactionary manoeuvres all over the world. It tries to make all Hebrew communities scattered along the world accomplices of its criminal enterprise of oppression and exploitation.

Palestinian people's struggle against Zionist occupation is an important part of the wide struggle front against imperialist system that is developing all over the world. The second general crisis of capitalism has entered its final phase. A growing part of popular masses will answer to communist movement call and will mobilize itself for putting an end to capitalism. In the ambit of capitalism general crisis, the second wave of proletarian revolution. All over the world new socialist States and States of new democracy will born. The Zionist State will be wiped off the face of the earth together which the other reactionary forces and organizations.
The racist and theocratic politics carried out by Israel State is one of the shames that humanity's history bequeathed us. Racist and theocratic Israel State is the natural ally of Berlusconi's gang, of the Vatican and of all the reactionary forces of our country. of oppressors and exploiters of Italian people. It is not strange that even a growing part of heirs and people nostalgic of Fascism rank on the side of the racist and theocratic Israel State. It is an aspect of the general ranking that is outlining itself all over the world: on one side the reactionaries, on the other the progressives.

Let the new year be a year of great successes for the Palestinian people and of breakdown of Israeli Zionist regime!

Stop national, racial and religious discriminations!

Let the new year be the year of People's Block government in our country, the government that will put and end to the crisis!

Let the new year be a great step onwards on the way of progress, democracy and socialism, on the way for realizing the most advanced conceptions and aspiration humanity harboured until today!

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