Sunday, January 18, 2009

Against the complicity of the Greek government with the US-Zionist crimes in Gaza

The Communist Organization of Greece (KOE) salutes the heroic Resistance in Gaza and the thousands of Greeks mobilizing every day all over the country in support of the martyred Palestinian People and against the reactionary Karamanlis’ government. Yesterday Thursday 15 January took place in the port of Astakos (Western Greece) a massive and militant mobilization against the attempt of the Karamanlis’ government to facilitate the shipment of US arms to the Israeli Neo-Nazis.

The contingent of KOE, by far the biggest and most combative, was in the front line of the protest. The demonstrators, despite the heavy presence of the police, pushed away the barbed wire “protecting” the privatized port and entered the location, scanting slogans against the complicity of the Greek government, denouncing the US-Israel genocidal aggression, demanding the immediate break of all relations with the Zionist state and saluting the Palestinian Resistance. The Communist Organization of Greece, which mobilized all its forces in Western Greece, warned that any further attempt to use the Greek soil against the Palestinian People will meet the resolute and combative resistance of the region’s inhabitants and of the Greek People as a whole.

Today Friday 16 January, on the initiative of KOE, a protest was organized outside the Press Ministry in Athens, where an official seminar was planned with Eytan Gilboa as main guest. Eytan Gilboa was councilor of the Zionist government and director of the “Defense College” of the “IDF”. The Greek Minister Pavlopoulos, as well as the head of the diplomatic office of Papandreou (leader of the main opposition party PASOK), had announced their participation in this “seminar”. The Communist Organization of Greece condemned this new sign of complicity of the Greek government and of the social-democratic PASOK “opposition” with the Zionist Neo-Nazis, while they hypocritically pretend to opoose the Israeli crimes, and called for a protest against the presence of the Zionist speaker.

Thanks to the mobilization, most the journalists who were present refused to cover the event and declared their solidarity with the protest. Also the Press Ministry Employees’ Association gathered on the spot and immediately adopted a resolution against the presence of Eytan Gilboa. Under the pressure, the representatives of the government and of the “opposition” cancelled their participation at the last moment. The Communist Organization of Greece hailed the tactical success of the mobilization and the support of the Press and Ministry’s workers, and declared that any attempt of the Zionists to speak on Greek soil will be met with the resolute protest of the movement of solidarity with Palestine.

Tomorrow Saturday 17 January a new demonstration against US-Israel will take place in Athens, while at the same time the mobilizations of the youth and of the Radical Left against the anti-people and repressive policy of Karamanlis’ government continue in several cities of Greece. After a big students’ demonstration that took place yesterday in Athens, and while the occupations of several faculties continue all over Greece, new mobilizations are in the agenda. Tomorrow a big demonstration will take place in Larissa. In this city of Central Greece dozens of the demonstrators who were arrested by the police during the December Revolt are accused as “members of terrorist gang” under the draconian “anti-terrorist law”, and they are threatened with heavy sentences without possibility of appeal. At the same time, the “Communist Party of Greece” (KKE) continues its slanderous attacks against the movement, and especially the Communist Organization of Greece and the Radical Left Coalition, as well as its divisive and separate “mobilizations” even in the case of solidarity with Palestine. In the next statement we will refer to the new “doughty deeds” of KKE, which shamelessly continues to offer its support to the block of “law and order”, together with the government party and the extreme right-wing.

Communist Organization of Greece / Kommounistiki Organosi Elladas (KOE)
International Relations Department

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