Tuesday, January 13, 2009

CPN-Maoist, Masal unite - Prachanda warns of Peoples Revolt if government is forced to quit

The formal announcement of unification between CPN (Maoist) and Unity Centre (Masal) was made in Kathmandu amid a mass gathering Tuesday.

Party workers took out rallies from different parts of the capital prior to the mass gathering at Khula Manch, which was attended by senior leaders from the Maoist party and the now-dissolved Unity Centre (Masal).

Prachanda, Prime Minister and chairman of CPN (Maoist), heads the united party which has been named as Unified CPN (Maoist). The party will have a 175-member central committee that includes 38 members from Unity Centre (Masal).

Addressing the mass meeting, party chairman Dahal warned of 'people's revolt' if the current Maoist-led government is forced to quit.

"This government is not a repetition of past ones. If it is overthrown our party will spearhead a people's revolt from the next day and capture power," he thundered, "Nothing in the world will stop us." To try to topple the government, he said, is to push the country into disarray.

Prachanda also indirectly warned the coalition partners, saying "We are in the same boat. Other parties will sink along with the boat if they make holes in it." "We are revolutionaries and we will manage to sail through."

The Maoist leader, however, admitted his cabinet has not been able to meet the aspirations of the people.

"People want the government to deliver, but it has not been able to deliver fully. We communists are in majority, but we are plagued by lopsided attitude [towards of each other]."

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