Monday, September 15, 2008

PM Prachanda attempts to woo Indian investors

Prime Minister Prachanda has made an attempt to woo Indian investors to invest in Nepal promising them receptive and home-like environment.

Urging the Indian investors to invest in hydropower, infrastructure, tourism and agriculture, he promised that a panel would be formed to bring in reforms in industrial policy. He also promised security and easy investment procedures.

Addressing a function by Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), in New Delhi, Monday, PM prachanda said, "(We will bring) receptive policies for foreign investment that would create a homelike environment for engaging in business."

Indian business community has been citing security concerns and labour problems, among others, as deterrents from investing in Nepal.

"The geo-proximity and close cooperative relationship between Nepal and India should help us realise the dream of being together and growing together," PM Dahal told the gathering.

PM Prachanda is currently in New Delhi on a five-day goodwill visit.

His visit has come at a time when Nepal's trade deficit with its largest trading partner India has surged to Rs 105 billion.

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