Sunday, September 14, 2008

Govt's policies and programmes approved

The policies and programmes of the government has been approved by the Constituent Assembly (CA), Sunday, by majority.

There were 17 different proposals seeking amendment in the government policies. Only two of them were withdrawn while others were defeated by majority votes including the one tabled by main opposition Nepali Congress (NC).

Earlier, Prime Minister Prachanda' had defended his government's policies and programmes at the CA meeting.

"We are here representing different ideologies but we have no option other than to identify commonalities of our interests," the prime minister said.

He claimed that 'though the policies and programmes were not as revolutionary as expected by the people,' it would open a lot of doors of opportunities.

He also urged opposition parties not to raise issue regarding the use of phrase People's Liberation Army (PLA).

"It is just a name given to Maoist combatants. And this name has been used by UNMIN during their registration also," he said, referring to the objections raised by NC.

He also briefed about his visit to India. He said that issues of treaties and agreements will be concluded based on national consensus and understanding

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