Monday, November 14, 2016

USA: A New Resistance is being Born by Abby Martin

Democracy and Class Struggle has noted that the resistance to Trump is being labelled by RT and Pepe Escobar their media running dog as just another Soros funded protest movement - they could not be more wrong - they are just as wrong on what will be US foreign policy- which we have pointed out Iran is now in the crosshairs making Israel jubilant.

It is appropriate that it is Lenin who said that bourgeois politics is deception and self deception and Putin's Russia in 21st Century is part of this universal stupidity of bourgeois politics abandoning foreign policy realism for Trumpism the American Fascism of the 21st Century with mass deportations and incarceration at home ( see how the stock of Correction Corporation of America has gone through the roof on Trumps victory ) and war abroad - a war which only the blind cannot see as the US eyes Shia Islam as the enemy now that ISIL is facing defeat also thanks to Iranian military forces..please note US Defence stocks are booming like the prison stocks on Trump victory.

Also note that social democrats like Bernie Sanders and Democrats are normalising Trump just as social democrats normalised Hitler in the early 1930's saying his May Day was different but he was like us wanting to create jobs..

Time for real proletarian leadership in USA and Russia and the World in 2017 to end universal bourgeois stupidity before it ends us.

Long Live Marxism Leninism Maoism

PS: We assume Abby Martin could not stomach RT's Trumpism which is why she left RT.