Monday, February 8, 2016

The Foreign Policy of the Soviet Union by V.M.Molotov (1940) "There is no alternative to Class Struggle"

Democracy and Class Struggle says studying multi polar contradictions of First World War and the complex pre Second World War inter capitalist contradictions discussed by Molotov above help us to orientate ourselves in national and international class struggle in 2016.

The US is the global imperialist hegemon but we need to think through a revolutionary communist strategy in relation to it's new rising capitalist challengers China and Russia in 21st century and this is the  duty of all revolutionary communists.

Concrete analysis of concrete conditions for last hundred years shows there is no inter state universal model multipolar or otherwise can guide class struggle in global politics.

In fact the bourgeois geo political schools of politics are really about external relations and cannot principally guide class struggle.

The revolution in Marxist Leninist "new philosophy" in the Soviet Union in the 1930's demonstrated the principal character of internal contradictions and internal class struggle in understanding inter state relations and foreign relations.

Mao Zedong made both theoretical and practical contribution to further understanding the principal contradiction and a hierarchy of contradictions based on Soviet "New Philosophy" in the 1930's and it is one of the essential contributions to  Marxism Leninism Maoism's theory and practice in 21st century.

We agree with Emiliano Cervi and Salvatore Vicario

"The flag of multipolarity cannot be a communist flag, since this is an illusion in relation to the interests of the people, the proletariat and peace, ’’because there are two worlds in contention, but the continuation of capitalism in its imperialist phase in all these cases"


V. M Molotov

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