Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Morocco : Our comrades unconscious - Democracy and Class Struggle calls for unconditional release of Political Prisoners and full solidarity with hunger strikers

                                                     Our Comrades on Hunger Strike

Report from Moroccan Comrades

The health status of political prisoners entered their ninth day of their indefinite hunger strike has deteriorated severely.

So, this morning, Comrade redouan Alaadimi lost consciousness and had to be evacuated to the hospital.

Finally, after several days, he was taken back to the cell, but still in critical condition.

Recall also that Comrade Alaa Derbali has also lost consciousness last Friday, 03/27/2015 and has been transported several times in the hospital and his condition did not improve.

As for Aziz Elkhelfaoui, he lost consciousness again and his health is rapidly deteriorating day by day.

Despite this catastrophic situation, the management of the prison continues to ignore the demands of the comrades and tightens the noose around them to get them to give up their fight.

But the comrades remain determined and continue their heroic resistance to defend their just and legitimate rights.

Let us recall that the group Elkhelfaoui Aziz began his indefinite hunger strike since Monday, 23/03/2015 to make  a significant number of claims indicated in their statement of 03.21.2015.

Unconditional release of these political prisoners and full solidarity with the hunger strikers.


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