Tuesday, December 9, 2008

PM Prachanda signals he will act tough, says NC impeding govt progress

Prime Minister Prachanda has signaled that he will act tough to improve the performance of the government.

Days after he claimed that he was not able to fulfill the aspirations of the people, PM Prachanda has said that he will not take tougher measures to do so.

Addressing a function organised by civil service employees, he said that status quoism was still ruling the roost.

“In our machinery, the old mindset still dominates. There is no willingness to change oneself in accordance with people’s mandate,” he said.

“We will try to write new constitution to meet people’s aspirations. Otherwise, we will have to go for drastic change,” he added.

PM Prachanda has also taken a swipe at main opposition Nepali Congress (NC) party for what he accused as efforts to impede the government.

Referring to NC’s unwillingness to join the special committee on army integration, he accused the NC of not favouring change.

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