Wednesday, December 3, 2008

China to provide Rs 1.2 billion aid this year

The visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi signed an agreement to provide Rs 1.2 billion aid to Nepal this year.

Foreign Minister Upendra Yadav and his Chinese counterpart Jiechi Jiechi signed an understanding with Foreign Minister Upendra Yadav at Shital Niwas, Wednesday, agreeing to help Nepal in economic development efforts.

"The Chinese side has shown willingness to help in road development, bringing railway line up to Nepal border, increasing scholarship quota for Nepali students for education, encouraging Chinese tourists to visit Nepal and to provide necessary training and equipment to strengthen Nepal's security," Foreign Minister Yadav told reporters.

He said that Chinese government has agreed to provide Rs 1.2 billion aid to Nepal this year.

Yadav added that Chinese side also showed interest in the peace, prosperity and nation-building process in Nepal.The Chinese Foreign Minister made brief statement before the press saying that Chinese government will continue to give as much aid as possible to Nepal.

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