Monday, December 8, 2008

People’s Federal Democratic National Republic : scientific tactics

by Khim Lal Devkota

Very recently, the CPN Maoist has declared its tactics as People’s Federal Democratic National Republic. The two documents in the national convention had two different tactics: People’s Republic or transitonal or democratic republic. Anyway, these issues have been already resolved with highest consideration from an ideological prospective. The new slogans of CPN-Maoist will be to make a new national army, to write a new pro-people consitution and self-dependent economy or economic development. Before this, one of the conclusions of the debate was on contemporary politics. I would like to analyse this chapter on a practicle and theoritical basis.

The term “People’s Republic” is receiving a high profile. After the result of the election of the Constituent Assembly, the Chairman and Prime Minister Com.Prachanda announced from an open platform that if any political parties hesitated to declare a democratic republic by abolishing the monarchy, the CPN-Maoist would declare People’s Republic. At that time, Chairman Prachanda said if the Nepali Congress and UML were not ready to act it, the people would declare a Peoples Republic. If that had happened, where would the spacebe for them? We can say nothing now. This is a clear massage to the people and other political parties that the Maoist is not going to wait for a long time. They are ready to declare People’s Republic as soon as possible.

Secondly, the Maoist party and its leaders spoke on the Peoples Republic as an ultimate goal of CPN-Maoist. The Nepali Congress is in the opposition now. Being in opposition, the Nepali Congress has accused the CPN-Maoist of advancing without any clear understanding or agreement held before. The NC is criticizing CPN-Maoist like the commoners in the open market. Why are the Nepali Congress and UML afraid of People’s Republic? What does it mean? First, we must know about it.

First of all, a People’s Republic means a republican system for the people by the people and of the people. If it is for the people, then why we should be afraid of it? If any one is in favor of the people, there is no reason to oppose it. Those who are in opposition to the People’s Republic may be confused; they have no knowledge about it. If they are not in favor of the People’s Republic, then they want to establish a feudal-bourgeoisie republic.

Second, we have declared a republic but we haven’t named it yet. Whether it is a People’s Republic or a Bihari republic, we have to make it. Some people want to make it a Bihari republic. For this, most of the feudal and comprador burocratic capitalists are struggling. The masses of the people are in favour of the People’s Republic. Therefore, it is a suitable and better debate; but it should be in a fair manner. Especially feudal, comprador and bureaucratic capitalists are afraid of it because they want to save their interest by making a Bihari Republic instead of a People’s Republic.

Third, the People’s Republic is not a strange matter which is against the people’s interest; but some who are entirely against the people, they will be afraid of it.

Fourth, the aim of any Communist party is a People’s Republic. There is no doubt on this. The CPN-Maoist aim is to achieve the People’s Republic. Even the CPN-UML and other communist parties also have the same goal. However, the astonishing thing is the UML are against it. This is a very important question.

Fifth, there is no doubt that the goal of CPN-Maoist is the People’s Republic like other Communist parties. But the fact is we have to know is we have just been able to declare the republic successfully. We have to consolidate and institutioanalize it on the basis of a democratic republic and then march forward to a Peoples Republic.

Debate has taken place knowingly or unknowingly. However, it is the result of the objective situation. The People’s Republic is not an agenda against the people. It is in favor of the people, although the reactionaries are provoking people against their own interests of a People’s Republic. Therefore, people should know the fact in time and they should be aware about what is right and what is wrong.

Some of them are trying to highlight the propaganda that the People’s Republic is a single Communist party dictatorship. This type of understanding is completely wrong. If any one has any confusion about it, we suggest they study the documents of the CPN-Maoist. The CPN-Maoist has already taken the decision of multy party competition, there is no doubt in it. The CPN-Maoist has reviewed the whole communist history, especially the history of the 20th century. The first half of the 20th century was favourable to Communist states; but the last half of the 20th century was against communism and they lost their power. Except the CPN-Maoist, the Communist parties have not reviewed it After reviewing history, the CPN-Maoist declared some of the mistakes in the historic Communist movement; that is the lack of multiparty competition in the state under proletarian dictatorship. Therefore, the CPN-Maoist has learnt the lesson from history and is trying to correct it.

If capitalist revolution had been completed by the Nepali Congress and other capitalists parties before, the CPN-Maoist would have engaged with the socialist revolution. But capitalist parties always compromised with the feudal monarchy. Therefore, the CPN-Maoist engaged in capitalist revolution against feudal monarchy. After the consolidation of democratic republic, which is purely capitalistic, the party will go in the direction of a People’s Republic by the way of socialism.

In conclusion, we should not be afraid of the Maoist version and vision. The Maoist vision is certainly pro-people. At first, they may be afraid of it; after a while they will get used to it; then they will love it. At the beginning of the peace process, the issues of the election of the Constituent Assembly, republic, federalism, state restructuring and military integration were the same as the issue of People’s Republic. Now, we are in the phase of consolidation of democratic republic. On the basis of correct tactics, we can have a People’s Republic.

First published in Red Star CPN Maoist Paper

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