Thursday, April 14, 2016

UK: Jeremy Corbyn leader of Labour Party signs up for pro Neo Liberal European Union

The Late Bob Crow above reminds Jeremy Corbyn what a working class position on the European Union is

Jeremy Corbyn has continued triangulating right while appearing Left - his pro neo Liberal European Union position today has shown that the right have already ACHIEVED their main objective in the Labour Party.

The Old Jeremy Corbyn is dead - the new neo Liberal Jeremy Corbyn is born.

Whatever rhetoric Jeremy Corbyn covers it with, the European Commission, The European Court of Justice, The European Central Bank are neo Liberal institutions the TTIP will just further consolidate the European Union Neo Liberal Project.

EU Bonfire of Workers Rights

It is false to somehow pretend that just TTIP is the problem - it is the Neo Liberal European Project that is the problem and it is sad day to see Jeremy Corbyn being used in this way by the British establishment.

The Labour Party has turned better people in the past into betraying the working class - in fact that has been the historic role of the Labour Party in the last 100 years.

A sad day for the working class of these islands


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