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Philadelphia to London - Solidarity from Poor Righteous Party of The Black Nation with 19th May demonstration to Free Mumia at US Embassy - London

Statement of the Pennsylvania State Committee of the Poor Righteous Party of the Black Nation (Philadelphia Branch) to the May 19th Demonstration at US Embassy, London, UK

To the Black masses and broad masses of working class and progressive people of the UK;

To the PAN AFRIKAN VOICE and the Pan Afrikan Society Community Forum and the supporting organization of this action;

Comrades, Friends, Brothers and Sisters,

In the universal greetings of our Party we say “Peace!” to you all.

On this day, the Poor Righteous Party of the Black Nation warmly extend our strong and militant salute to you, our brothers and sisters of the UK, who have bravely gathered at the embassy of the evil empire to raise the demand for justice of our Brother Mumia Abu Jamal.

We join with you in this righteous protest and we wish it success.
Sisters and Brothers! We greet you from inside the belly of the beast! We bring to you revolutionary greetings straight from the city of brotherly love, the city of our brother Mumia. Philadelphia, among the largest urban areas in the US is a city known for its history. We want you to understand the rich context from which Mumia emerges.

Philadelphia, it may be recalled, was the first capital of the nascent slave-owning republic eventually called the United States of America as well as a central “base area” for the abolitionist movement and the Underground Railroad which, in the 19th century, boldly challenged the inhuman institution of chattel slavery. It was in the city of Philadelphia that African people in the Western Hemisphere formed their first autonomous schools, universities and houses of worship. In the 20th century it was Philadelphia that witnessed the first large scale Civil Rights protests outside of the South under the leadership of the great Cecil B. Moore. It was here in Philadelphia that the Revolutionary Action Movement (RAM), the ideological forerunner to the Black Panther Party, was formed and headquartered.

Philadelphia is the city of unusually brutal fascist police repression. It is a city that under its first elected Black mayor, perpetuated a genocide against innocent men, women and children with the 1985 bombing of the MOVE commune and subsequent destruction of the surrounding Black working class neighborhood. It is a city in which the vast majority of its Black, Brown, Red, Yellow and poor working class whites live beneath the poverty line. It was 14 year ago, in the city Philadelphia, not far from where Mumia grew up, that our brother and Chairman Comrade Tommy Joshua Al-Raifq and his comrades began to unite the working class youth of the Black and Latino ghettoes, reforming them and arming them with revolutionary thought and organization.

Such is the rich soil from which our brother Mumia springs.

Sisters and Brothers! Please know that your noble efforts on this day has been publicized among Philadelphia’s most oppressed and that your righteous protest is appreciated by the masses in the shelters, ghettoes, housing projects and barrios of Philadelphia.

Sisters and Brothers! By your action today you have at once brought our hearts and minds closer to each other despite the distance of land, water and imperialist recognized boarders.

Sisters and Brothers! You are proving today that an injustice anywhere is an injustice to all and that international solidarity of the oppressed is a material reality.

On behalf the workers and oppressed nationalities, our Party thank and salute you!

Sisters and Brothers! We want you to impress upon you how the railroading of our brother Mumia concentrates both the counterinsurgency war against our people’s revolutionary movement and the practice of State sponsored Genocide used against of the working class and oppressed nationalities within US borders.

Yes sisters and brothers, it is a policy of GENOCIDE that is being carried out in a most systematic way against the working class and oppressed nations of North Amerika, but it is certainly not unique to North Amerika alone.

We see the sheer horror brought by predatory US imperialism in Iraq, Afghanistan and throughout Africa, Asia, South and Central America. The war against the masses’ living standards all over the world, the rapid erosion of social services won by hard fought struggle, the imposition of permanent unemployment, the militarization of the state, the criminalization of resistance, the repression of the youth, the inflaming of fascist and racist sentiments among the masses, and the pitting of workers and nationalities against other--all of these too are forms of genocide sisters and brothers.

In addition to the imprisonment of millions of working class people, mostly Black and Brown, there are over 300 US political prisoners, most of whom, like our brother Mumia, were active militants of the New Afrikan (Black) , Puerto Rican, Chicano independence and revolutionary anti-imperialist movements.

So sisters and brothers, as you raise the name of our brother Mumia we ask that you to not forget Mumia’s comrades, the Move 9, Leonard Peltier, Sundiata Acoli , Dr. Mutulu Shakur, Jojo Bowens and Russell Maroon Shoatz, who are among some of the longest serving (time in) political prisoners in the U.S.

And as we collectively raise the demand for justice for our brother Mumia and all political prisoners, we must redouble our active support the various struggles that led to their imprisonment in the first place.

As our tireless sister and comrade Pam Africa, always points out, it will take a movement and the power of the people united to save the life of Mumia. We must keep up the fight unceasingly.

Sisters and Brothers! Today is a day of victory in this protracted march. By gathering here today, you have sent a tremendous message to the Amerikan government and the progressive masses of North America. By gathering here today you speak truth to power. By gathering here today to save the life of one, you help to save the lives of many. By gathering here today you challenge a dying Empire based on the degradation of man, woman and child. By gathering here today you strengthen the international united front against oppression, imperialism and war.'

The Poor Righteous Party of the Black Nation stands firmly by your side.

Sisters and Brothers! You represent, in our opinion, the best of Europe; because you choose to oppose the murder and tyranny of the most bestial power known in history, while standing with the vast majority of oppressed people.

Within our brother Mumia is the triumph of the spirit of revolution over the counterrevolutionary machine which seek to crush life itself. The historical founder of our movement, Dr. Huey P. Newton once said “The ideas that can and will sustain our movement for total freedom and dignity of the people cannot be imprisoned, for they are to found in the people, all the people, wherever they are. As long as the people live by the ideas of freedom and dignity, there will be no prison that can hold our movement down. . . .The walls, the bars, the guns, and the guard can never encircle or hold down the idea of the people. And the people must always carry forward the idea, which is there dignity and there beauty.”

In conclusion, we ask that everyone under the sound these words now turn and embrace the your brother and sister standing next to you and around you in Peace and fraternity, for it is our bonds, our trust, our love for each other, and our unbreakable solidarity, exemplified by our Brother Mumia, that will ultimately prove decisive in the very difficult battles ahead.
We thank you for this opportunity to build.

Onward to Victory!

Free Mumia Abu-Jamal and all political prisoners!
Long live the power of the people!
Long Live the solidarity and unity of the peoples of the world!

May 19th 2010

State Committee
Poor Righteous Party of the Black Nation
Pennsylvania State Chapter
Philadelphia Branch

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