Thursday, May 6, 2010

Statement of KOE on the recent demonstration in Greece

Press Statement of the Communist Organization of Greece(KOE)

On todays huge demonstrations and the death of three bank employees

The Communist Organization of Greece condemns the IMF-EUs government for its policy of annihilation of the society and the orgy of repression unleashed against the people. The death of the three bank employees because of fully condemnable acts provokes sorrow and anger,which are added to the wrath felt by the whole society against the government of the Quisling Papandreou.

This cynical government, assisted by the mainstream Media that remind us of the dictatorships TV, has the cheekiness to put the responsibility for the death of the three employees on the hundreds of thousands of demonstrators, on the mass movement and more concretely on the Left.

It is Papandreou himself who is igniting the tension and the violence because of the measures adopted by his government. No matter how many excuses he will invent in the Parliament, no matter how many appeals for social consent he will make, Papandreou will remain in history as the would-be gravedigger of the Greek people.

Athensand the whole country lived the biggest demonstrations of the last 30 years, with half million marching for six hours in Athensalone. The people demands that Papandreou and those MPs who intend to vote in favor of transforming the society into a human waste bank, account for their crimes. Those who handed over the country and the people to the hyenas of the capital and of the markets, those who attempt to condemn the workers and the youth to extermination, will account to the people.

The police attacked brutally the biggest demonstrations of the last 30 years; it transformed Athensinto a huge gas chamber, and also attacked brutally the marches in Thessalonikiand Patras. The Minister of Repression shall account for this!We hold accountable as well the owner of Marfin Bank, this unsolicited savior of the Nation who obliged his employees to remain inside the concrete branch, despite the fact that he knew the danger was imminent. Obviously, human life is cheaper for the capital than the daily profits of a bank branch.

The coordinated effort of the government, of the right-wing opposition and of the extreme right-wing to exploit the death of the three employees in order to stop the torrent of the popular anger, will not go unanswered. The wrath and the despair that coexist in society will send to hell Papandreou and any MP who will vote in favor of the Greek peoples annihilation.

Athens, 5 May 2010
Communist Organization of Greece

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