Friday, May 22, 2009

Prachanda says new government might just be a puppet

Outgoing Prime Minister Prachanda said Friday that it is quite possible the new coalition government will be a puppet of reactionaries and different power centres.

Addressing the parliament, Prachanda said the partners of the new UML-led coalition of engaging in a dirty game as they try to install a new government. Describing the exercise to form the new government as part of a counter-revolution, the Maoist chief said those rejected by the people are now being placed at the helm.

The caretaker Prime Minister in his speech repeatedly questioned the morality of other political parties alleging them of not being able to stand for sovereignty, integrity and unity of the nation.

Prachanda spent most of his time criticising other parties, said former allies betrayed him in the army chief episode. The parties, according to him, had agreed to take action against the army chief, but later they did a complete about face.

Describing the President's decision to reinstate the army chief as being regressive and unconstitutional, he said the Maoist party would continue peaceful protests to restore civilian supremacy.

Prachanda also took a swipe at army chief Rookmangud Katawal, refering to the Rayamajhi Commission's report in which Katawal has been found guilty of suppressing the Janandolan-2. He said Katawal repeatedly challenged the elected government's orders.

Furthermore, Prachanda claimed the rumours of power capture by the Maoists were part of a conspiracy to derail the peace process and incite fresh conflict.

He said he was ready to face action if the rumours of his party bringing weapons into the PLA cantonments to capture the state were proven. He made it clear that the Maoists would not run away from the peace process and the constitution-drafting process.

In his speech, the outgoing Prime Minister also made indirect reference to Indian pressure that is believed to have played a role in bringing down the Maoist-led government. He said he tried to establish relation with India as required in the changed context and that the two neighbors should not be seen as "big brother-small brother" anymore and the relation between India and Nepal should be brought on a par.

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