Saturday, May 2, 2009

May Day Outrage - Editorial from Kasama

As Kathmandu filled with people demanding popular control over the national army, the Obama Administration added its voice to those (like the Indian Ambassador) who have been encouraging the Nepali Army to resist the creation of a New Nepal.

Citing the continued radical activity of forces like the Maoists’ Young Communist League, the Obama Administration announded that it would keep the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) on its international Terrorist Watch List.

This decision is revealing and outrageous on many levels.

First, it is unjust and even absurd to put a mass revolutionary and popular movement on such a “terrorist” list — and it amounts to a public decision to dishonestly equate any radical movement for change with “terrorism.” It is, in addition, an encouragement to extreme, royalist and reactionary forces in Nepal who are seeking a way to thwart the powerful popular will for radical changes in this heavily feudal country. And finally, this decision represents a clear legal threat to the members and leaders of the UCPN(M) — threatening them with international sanctions, surveillance, travel restrictions and even kidnapping-by-governments. In a world where Guantanamo Bay prison still exists, and where CIA rendition has not been publicly exposed and repudiated – the placing of organizations on a “terrorism” watch list is also a threat of future kidnapping and torture by U.S. government agents.

This outrage needs to be widely known among the people of the world — and among progressive the people of the United States. And this requires an energetic effort to break through the media blackout on Nepal and its revolutionary movement.

Democracy and Class Struggle endorses the editorial from Kasama but just see's this development has exposing Obama's rhetoric of change.

The Obama Administration on May Day 2009 have made clear where their loyalties are -not to the working people of Nepal but to the anti democratic elites, not just in Nepal but around the world.

One single act on May Day 2009 by the US Obama Administration speaks volumes about the cosmetic makeover of US Imperialism now underway but the people of the world are more than ever being able to see the imperialist reality behind the soft spoken eloquent rhetoric of Barack Obama.

May Day is a promise that one day these elites will be called to account - and that day is not far off.

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