Thursday, February 5, 2015

Austrian Protest against Islamaphobia Outnumbers Pegida Rally

Red Salute from Democracy and Class Struggle to Austrian comrades on organisation of successful anti Pegida demonstration.

The first demonstration of the German-based group Pegida  in Austria was massively rejected by Austrian citizens.
Thousands of people in the Austrian capital mobilized on Monday against the first demonstration organized in the country by the German-based anti-immigration group Pegida.

While Pegida (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) only mobilized 250 people in the streets of Vienna, protected by about 1,200 police officers, the counter-march gathered about 5,000 citizens, firmly rejecting Islamaphobia.

Initially, Pegida's march was supposed to take place in various streets of the city, but because of a risk of public disorder, authorities decided to maintain the protestors in Freyung Passage. Meanwhile, the anti-racism demonstrators walked from the Neighborhood of Museums to the Cathedral of San Esteban, chanting messages of tolerance.

On the same day in the German capital of Berlin, at the famous Brandenburg Gate, hundreds of people gathered once again in order to protest against the xenophobic movement of Pegida – a group that appeared in October 2014, organizing weekly protests in various cities of Germany

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