Monday, August 25, 2014

Ukraine: Lugansk Workers Strike Of 1916 - Solidarity with Lugansk Workers Front in 2014

A general strike of the workers of Lugansk; one of the largest economic strikes in Russia during World War I (1914-18). 

It was organized (from April 1916) by a strike committee (headed by T. F. Rudenko, chairman of the trade union of the Gartman Locomotive Works) that included representatives of the Bolsheviks and Mensheviks. 

On May 26, 3,000 workers at the Gartman plant stopped work. 

By July 5, 5,000 workers at that plant and about 7,000 workers at the Ammunition Factory were striking. 

The strikers demanded higher wages, a nine-hour work day, the protection of labor, and improved medical care.

On July 9-10, workers of the railroad shops and other enterprises 

(as many as 15,000 in all) went out on strike, and the Lugansk strike became general. 

On July 22, it was suppressed; some of the strike leaders were arrested,trade unions were proscribed, and many workers were sent to the army at the front.


Kir’ianov, lu. I. Rabochie luga Rossii: 1914—fevr. 1917 g. Moscow, 1971. Pages 258-62.

Democracy and Class Struggle has just heard that the Lugansk Workers Front Builiding has been destroyed by Kiev Junta rockets.

This reminded us of the heroic struggle of Lugansk workers during the First World War has we are now remembering its 100 Anniversary.

Solidarity with the working class of Lugansk.

The Oligarchs are the Warmongers not the Peace makers

Make Class Struggle the principal struggle 

Long Live Marxism Leninism Maoism 

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