Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ukraine : Big business continues to profit from the war. By Sergei Kirichuk

                                                          Ukrainian Oligarchs cashing in on War

As expected, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine agreed to the Cabinet’s proposal to introduce a temporary (until January 1, 2015) nationwide 1.5% collection on payroll -- the so-called “war tax.” This is another step in the direction of the robbery of the people, who have to pay for the so-called “Anti-Terrorist Operation.” At the same time, the media reported that companies associated with the oligarchs got lucrative new military contacts. 

This is according to the "messenger of public procurement." The Ministry of Defense has signed a contract with "CCF Avias." The Army gets 2000 flak jackets and helmets at a cost of $55 million hryvnia. Of course, information about the manufacturer and technical characteristics of the equipment is unavailable. 

Given the "complexity of wartime" and the need for urgent deliveries, the contract was conducted with one participant and without ensuring transparency. It is only known that the company "Avias" is a group owned by Igor Kolomoisky, governor of Dnipropetrovsk region. 

In general, the businesses of oligarchs "won" contracts valued at more than $ 450 million hryvnia in the past six months. 

"Correspondent" magazine earlier reported that the "ATO" against Donbass has already cost the country losses amounting to about 70 million hryvnia. Given the expansion of the conflict, the unprecedented level of corruption and theft in the war, as well as its final transformation into business for leading oligarchs, we can assume that the increase in the tax burden on workers and small businesses will grow. At the same time, taxes for the largest companies not only did not increase -- on the contrary, big business will be given favorable contracts, and buy public facilities for a pittance from the most ambitious privatization in the past 20 years, which Yatsenyuk announced. 

So, the logical consequence of the oligarch-sponsored Euromaidan is a war, turned into profitable business for the super-rich. 

Now they have dropped the mask and are openly cashing in on the patriotic propaganda used to fool the public -- forcing us to pay for the war waged by them, where Ukrainians kill Ukrainians for their profits.

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