Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Scotland what do you prefer a Red in a Kilt or a Prat in a Catsuit ?

George Galloway is at it again, this time in Dundee attacking "Reds in Kilts" those socialists that want an independent Scotland like the late great John Maclean.

He is obviously not satisfied with smearing Hugh MacDiarmid for his Spectator friends, now those that uphold John Maclean's independent Socialist Scotland heritage are now fair game for Galloways vitriol.

                                                     John Maclean a Red in a Kilt

George Galloway a Prat in a Catsuit

We have still not forgiven you for slandering our beloved Hugh MacDiarmid George.

In fact  Hugh MacDiarmid has a few words for you Mr Galloway, its like your obituary , George has Hugh MacDiarmid will outlive you in Scottish memory.

"Why have so many men once considered great fallen into disrepute now ?

"Scottish politicans like Ramsay MacDonald, Campell Bannerman, Bonar Law and all the rest of them mean nothing today in light of Kier Hardie's declaration that Scottish MP's would be better advised to stay in Scotland and create an independent Scottish Parliament"

John Maclean was not a straw man blown hither and thither by the wind of party politics.

He had the supreme qualification of thinking for himself on the basis of a through grasp of marxist philosophy.

The most advanced elements of the working class in Scotland owe him an enormous debt.

Whether they like it or not they are going to have to discharge that debt now - or suffer the consequences"

Hugh MacDiarmid in 1976 on 97th Anniversary of birth of John Maclean.

Page 24 In the Rapids of Revolution - John Maclean by Nan Milton

Thanks for the prat in a catsuit comment to Macolm McCandless

PS George no more housewife economics on divorces and credit cards - you sound like Angela Merkel on the Swabian Housewife or Margaret Thatcher you now better that macroeconomics are not determined by such micro banalities

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