Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Donbass Worker: : “Dear” mr. Poroshenko, mother *****, don’t you really feel a shame to shell us with this shit?

And that’s the words of a really angry worker in Donbass in a hospital – look at his eyes – he’s got nothing to lose anymore and let's realize why he became determined to fight against Kiev regime: 
“I’m Zherevsky Igor, a worker of Krasnodon coalmining company. 

I’m a worker. I worked and saw no reasons to consider me an enemy. However, the question now is quite another: during just 15 seconds I’ve lost all my neigbours. All the block was totally destroyed. 

Women. Old people. Men… “Dear” mr. Poroshenko, mother-fucker, don’t you really feel a shame to shell us with this shit?I’m from Sukhodolsk town – I’m working as a master in the coal-mine. 

I’ve got even some honours from this ‘motherland’. I’ve got orders and the fucking honorary papers. But still I can’t understand just one thing: I’m a working man – and they want to kill me. If you consider me an enemy – so, I consider you, therefore, the enemy too. 

My wife was wounded – her hands are injured. My neighbours… all are torn into pieces. I survived only by chance…. So, all those members of punitive squads – they shouldn’t be captured alive. 

Shouldn’t be taken alive… Let all the mothers know – if my child will suffer – then your children will suffer too. You came to us here – what for? To wage a war? To invade us? Then you’ll rest here… forever. 

You live in another region? 

You tell that everything is Ok here? 

Nothing is fucking Ok here. Our roads, sidewalks… for 23 years you couldn’t even find time to build the roads or fucking sidewalks here… And now – we’ll see who will win and who loses."


The Center for Aid to the Ukrainian Anti-Fascists has received information that the coming days Donetsk will be attacked by new aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force. This new aircraft came to the junta’s military forces from Canada. The airplanes have already been delivered to the Kharkov region. The air strikes will be a cover for the ground operation to capture Donetsk. This information was received from anti-fascist supporters from the Ukrainian security forces and requires further evaluation. The Center for Aid to the Ukrainian Anti-Fascists asks anyone, who has more information about this matter to report it to the Centre.

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