Friday, May 31, 2013

Solidarity from Carc Party Italy with Raising of Red Flag in Wales



Message from Italy

On these days we are not able to travel put of Italy, and so we shall not be able to come to Wales for the celebration of 1831 rising. We wish the celebration will be successful and we salute all the participants.

We believe that the best way to celebrate the ones who struggled in the Merthyr Rising so as the ones who struggled in the Paris Commune, 40 years later, is to make the revolution in their countries, and to do it now.

Today we can do it thanks to the most advanced revolutionary theory, which is Maoism. Thanks to Maoism, a Party can be built able to carry out the revolution to success.

We wish that the celebration you will hold will be a step on this direction.

 In solidarity,

Paolo Babini

CARC Party


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