Sunday, March 3, 2013

Why Can Corporate Interests Trump Sovereign Rights? The Universal and the Particular - Swansea verses RWE

The universal interests of corporates are overriding sovereign rights of countries systematically has the above video  illustrates.

It is not only countries rights that are overridden but also cities, towns, communities and individuals..

In Wales we have the case of RWE just by the threat of legal action against the City of Swansea forced compliance by 27 votes to 24 of the council to building a windfarm on the Mynydd Y Gwair,

It was not the arguements of RWE that prevailed but its corporate power through threat of legal action.

"The previous council objected through its solicitors to the proposals. RWE, with its own QC, took it to an Assembly inspector who also rejected it. Not satisfied, the RWE QC took it to the High Court. It then had to compromise and reapply. Where is local democracy? "

The struggle for local democracy against corporate power is a universal fight and not particular to Wales - we must learn from resistance to corporate  power in other countries and emulate new methods of struggle to bring corporate power to account.

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