Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wales - Swansea - 19th February 1941 - Three Day Nazi Blitz on Swansea - 9th March 2013 Nazi National Front to March in Swansea an insult to 230 Swansea people who lost their lives and the 409 injured in the Nazi bombing

This is the last call for people to support the anti Nazi demonstration in Swansea on Saturday 9th March 2013.

We are aware that large numbers of Nazis are being bused in from England to stir up racial trouble in Swansea.

Self respecting Welshman should support the anti Nazis demonstration in our heartland.

We also appeal for anti nazis activists in England, Scotland and Ireland to support the anti Nazis Demonstration in Swansea with a presence if possible or at least a message of support.

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