Tuesday, March 12, 2013

USA: The Road to Rock Bottom - The Bonus Army - When General MacArthur, Major Patton and Major Eisenhower attacked US Army Veterans

The disconnection between the rulers and the people of the USA is vividly illustrated in this video during the times of President Herbert Hoover.

It has a message for today not only for people in the United States but worldwide and particularly in British Isles where disconnect between government and working people has never been greater and where the language of the ruling elite daily illustrates that disconnect.

Foodbanks are now a  reality in Cities and Town's of Britain, people are too proud to discuss the poverty which extends across the country month by month has the Con Dem austerity cuts bite.

We have published a series of Real News Videos on Roosevelt and the New Deal on its 80th Anniversary with a short comment on the built in self destruct character of the Roosevelt New Deal and the Warfare/Welfare State - The current Neo Liberal Capitalist State is a product of collapse of New Deal/Welfare State.

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