Saturday, March 16, 2013

Antonio Gramsci represents the moral and intellectual superority of the people over Pope's of all denominations

This video shows some of the contradictory views of revisionists and social democrats on Gramsci but is still worth watching critically

Democracy and Class Struggle will be publishing more on Gramsci throughout 2013 to refute revisionist, social democrat  and liberal interpretations of Gramsci.

Our view like that of the (n) PCI and the CARC Party in Italy is that Gramsci's War of Position and Mao's Views of Protracted People's War are similar and are also strategic concepts for Revolution in Imperialist Countries.

I remember when my former comrade and countryman Gwyn Alf Williams wrote a book,  Proletarian Order on Gramsci in 1975, he tried to open a new path to the understanding Gramsci - that path the recovery of the revolutionary Gramsci is now the principal task Italian Comrades of the (n) PCI and the CARC Party .

We will make translations of their work available in 2013.


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