Friday, March 15, 2013

Jorge Bergoglio the new Pope continues with the moral pragmatism and hypocrisy of Hitler's Pope - Pope Pius the XII

Study Well the Silence and then Apologetics of the Catholic Church from Nazis Germany to Argentina - seek the truth serve the people.

Argentina : The Disappeared

The National Commission on the Disappearance of Persons (CONADEP) researched and recorded, case by case, the "disappearance" of about 9,000 persons, though Argentinian human rights group maintain that 30,000 disappeared.

However, official records put the number of disappeared at 13,000.[14] An estimated 15,000 people "disappeared" in Argentina, according to a Human Rights Watch report in 2002.[124] Human rights groups such as Amnesty International were gravely concerned by the state's use of 'disappearances' and periodical use of extrajudicial killings against what were supposed 'subversives'.

In the last months of military junta under Lieutenant-General Reynaldo Bignone, Amnesty International estimated the total number of disappeared in Argentina to be 15,000.[125]

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