Thursday, January 28, 2016

Norway: Solidarity with Tjen Folket (Norwegian comrades) from Jugendwiderstrand (German Comrades)

 Comrade Larsen in Courtroom In Norway 

We send our warmest regards to the comrades from SOS Rasisme and Tjen Folket, Norway, who are facing repression from the Norwegian bourgeois state right now.

SOS Rasisme is an massorganization which managed to unite people in an anti-racist and anti-fascist struggle, to fight back the racist initiatives like „Pegida“ and to give anti-fascism the only correct and necessary direction – to stand against the bourgeois state and imperialism which cause the horror of imperialist war and destruction, escape and finally racism.

We all know that the state is used to shift the solutions of the problems caused by imperialist displacement onto the shoulders of the people. But of course as soon as anti-racist or anti-fascist work are linked to anti-imperialism and stop being empty words but turn into effective skills of fighting against the bourgeois system, as soon as an anti-racist organization starts to create combatants for the revolutionary process and to gain new energy for political struggle, the bourgeois state gets alarmed and does not tolerate this work anymore. Because the „ghost of communism“ is always something they are afraid of, thus every time we raise our heads they will give everything to destroy us and our organizations. The trial against SOS Rasisme and the investigation about Tjen Folket is therefore clearly an anti-communist campaign and is used to destroy the people's confidence in such organizations.

How many tax fraud scandals of the rich have been covered up, how many millions of dollars, euros or kronas flowed into the pockets of the bourgeosie, not least the „representatives“ of the government? It is „business as usual“ among the upper classes. So the deviousness and the class justice can clearly be revealed. It is evident – they have their judiciary, we have ours! We follow the doctrine: „Serve the people!“.

The attacks of the bourgeosie won't stop our comrades from following that doctrine. They will only uncover the grotesque face of imperialism and what is happening under the disguise of democracy and show the people the necessity to resist and organize.

In this spirit: „To be attacked by the enemy is not a bad thing but a good thing.“ [Mao Tse-Tung]

United on behalf on proletarian internationalism we send our warmest revolutionary greetings to the 8 accused comrades and wish them and everybody who stands by their side lots of strength and fighting spirit and trust into the proletarian optimism which reminds us – our struggle will be won sooner or later.

Long live proletarian Internationalism!

Long live Tjen Folket!


January 2016

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