Monday, December 7, 2015

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro stated "The opposition has't won, a counter revolution has won "

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro stated, “The opposition hasn’t won, a counterrevolution has won.” Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro responded Monday to the outcome of Sunday’s National Assembly (AN) election praising the turnout of nearly 75 percent.

“The constitution and democracy have triumphed, we recognize and accept these results,” said President Maduro.

The comments came in the wake of Sunday’s high stakes AN election, which saw the president’s socialist party, the PSUV, lose its majority in the National Assembly.

The head of Venezuela’s electoral authority announced the results early Monday. The governing United Socialist Party of Venezuela won 46 seats, the opposition coalition won 99 seats, with 19 still to be announced, as well as the three indigenous positions.

President Maduro thanked the workers of the electoral authority and the country’s armed forces that supported the realization of Sunday’s elections.

“A perfect electoral system, without a doubt is one the most marvelous creations of these 16 years of revolution, of transformations and the creation of something new,” said Maduro.

As many as 19 million registered voters were expected to cast ballots in the election, that was widely predicted to be one of the tightest in years.

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