Thursday, December 24, 2015

India:Oppose tyranny of black laws on people's struggles salute Jalandhar protest by Harsh Thakor

On December 23rd one of the largest and most succesful protests took place representing organizations from a huge range of society constituting industrial workers,peasants,agricultural labourers and supported by many rung sof society.

Speakers highlighted how the state was attempting to enstranle peoples strruggles through using the weapon of black laws.

This was an instrument deployed to intervene in democratic struggles of the masses and the people must shaprpen their collective organization to resist it.

The response was heratening.About 2500 participants constituted the B.K.U Ugrahan and Dakaunda factions while about 100 constiuted the mass peasant worker and student fronts of the C.P.M.(Pasla ) group.

Overall about 6000 people participated and rally was staged that blazed the streets of Jalandhar.

The most important aspect was groups understanding importance of struggling collectively.

Reflection of democratic resurgence and consciousness in Punjab.

Jalandhar, December 23 After coming together under the banner of Anti-Black Law Front, more than four dozen organisations today blocked BMC Chowk in protest against Public Private Property Damage Prevention Bill.

Apart from raising anti-government slogans, they also took out a protest march in the city.

The protesters gathered at Desh Bhagat Yadgar Hall in the morning and organised a state-level convention, from where they started the protest march.

Prior to addressing the gathering, leaders of various organisations said, "We have named the bill as ‘black law’ because it would snatch the right to protest from the citizens, which is an integral part of the democracy.

The same law would also prevent people from organising any kind of protest."

They said not only the protesters, but people, who provided services like tents, vehicles and sound system to the protesters would also be equally responsible.

They added that the right to protest was achieved after a long struggle and they would not let it go just like that.

They have also planned to protest on January 29 at all districts of the state.

The leaders, who addressed the gathering included Sukhdev Singh Kokri Kalan, Vijay Mishra, Kulwinder Waraich and Ruldu Singh

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