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France, which colonises one third of the African continent, is not innocent!
It is responsible for the poorest people living on land with the richest natural resources!


On many occasions the imperialists win wars without even a bomb falling on their own land or shedding a drop of blood of their own blood. There is no problem with the peoples of the world spilling their own blood like a river, this is considered to be good. When their chickens come home to roost they become frantic, however.

The reason for this is that the imperialists, not least France itself, are responsible for the massacre in Paris, having turned the world into a lake of blood, from Afghanistan to Iraq, from Syria to Libya, Somalia, Africa, Palestine... It was none other than the imperialists who created reactionary gangs like Al Qaeda and ISIS among others. And this is why the Paris massacre is your work. But we should first of all state that this is a massacre undoubtedly perpetrated by ISIS. As in earlier instances, it did not target French imperialism but targeted the people. And this certainly cannot be defended.

The bombs going off in Paris are a result; so what is the cause?

Let us start with some questions - there is a reason and a result for everything!

What is on the agenda of the European imperialists? Refugees and ISIS terror.

Why is it on the agenda? Bombs exploded in Paris and they themselves suffered.

So what did they do? They proceeded to attack the rights the peoples have gained up to now. They rushed to promulgate new "anti-terror laws".

What is the reason and who is responsible for millions of people becoming refugees, often risking death in the process? Those who said they were "bringing democracy" to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Algeria and Syria, sucking the blood of the peoples of the world...

Yesterday Al Qaeda. today ISIS and various other reactionary and contra organisations - who created, nurtured and built them up?

No need to go back very far, simply in the past 15 years look at the period - in Asia, the Middle East and Africa millions of our people have died. Those who die are the poor, our people. But was there ever an officially declared war? Who was fighting whom, is this known? We know one thing - so that the monopolies could reap more profits and find new markets, it started wars on impoverished peoples.

ISIS committed massacres prior to the bombs it detonated in Paris. For five years on live TV you have seen it cut throats and sever legs and arms. You created a monster. The monster was fed with blood and lives and you armed it, financed it, trained and equipped it. And it was the peoples whose lives were lost and whose blood was shed.

"Whatever happens, let terror keep away from us." Oh really?

One day before the Paris massacre, two bombs in Shia neighbourhoods of Beirut killed 37 people. Their crime was being Shia. The massacre was attributed to ISIS.

Suruc: a place far from you whose name might even be unknown to you. It was enough to "mourn". The train station of Ankara? Perhaps not on your travel itinerary, but human flesh was plastered into its asphalt. Those who were slaughtered were victims of the ISIS you nurtured.

And now the boomerang has turned around and struck you. Everywhere else perhaps but surely not where you are, is that it? You have lives but nobody else does, is that it?

Before the bombs exploded a statement by ISIS in the concert area is worthy of attention: "Your government is responsible. France should not intervene in Syria."

Do you not remember how the rundown suburbs of Paris have burned from end to end? 10 years ago the streets of Paris were on fire. A "rabble" of young people whose origins lie in North Africa set fire to the suburbs of Paris. 9,000 vehicles were set alight, 300 public buildings were destroyed. Who were these young people, mostly in their twenties? In many cases from parts of Black Africa that you have colonised...

Do not suppose that Rwanda has been forgotten. Have you forgotten your responsibility for supporting Hutu who in three months slaughtered 800,000 people?

Or what happened to Libya and Gaddafi...

Or Algeria? Nobody has forgotten, and here it is necessary to search for the answer to the question,

"Why France?"

Do not forget, you are in the neighbourhood of a bomb of universal import. The bombs exploding today are the work of gangs you trained. And that is why they make no distinction between the righteous and the unrighteous, guilty or innocent.

And do not suppose that those who are motivated by class anger and the search for freedom and justice will not also knock at your door one day.

"September 11" precautions in France

Immediately after the massacre France declared that it would be "at war with terrorism" and launched an air attack on Raqqa in Syria, which is under the control of ISIS!

Refresh your memories: Bush also had said he would launch a "crusade against terrorism" to the end! Military operations are one aspect of this, but another at the same time consists of attacks on basic rights and freedoms. So immediately after the Paris attacks France and other EU countries lost no time in discussing such matters. New confiscations of rights are to be added to those taken away after September 11.

The system of surveillance introduced in the USA after September 11 was put before parliament in France. Very wide powers are being given to police and intelligence entities by new laws to keep telephones and the Internet under surveillance.

Laws provide for the closure of sites making "terrorism propaganda", and police and intelligence services no longer need a warrant from a prosecutor before being able to listen in on terrorism suspects, and novelties like the introduction of technical substructures are being expanded in scope. Powers are given to the Interior Ministry and intelligence agencies to keep tabs on the telephone calls and electronic communication of "potential terrorists" with no need for a warrant from a prosecutor.

Moreover, by the end of this year it is envisaged that  2,680 new intelligence agents  will be recruited who know languages, especially Arabic, or are experts in information technology.

Despite the government being supposed to be a left-wing one, and the text was to be voted on on May 5, despite all disputes it was also supported by the "right wing" in parliament. Once again we see that it changes nothing whether a government is "right-wing" or "left-wing", they know that when it comes to ruling-class interests they will act together.

In the name of the "struggle against terrorism" the government promulgates new laws that grant limitless powers to the intelligence services. It will be remembered that after the attacks on September 11, 2001 in the USA, the "Patriot Act" was passed which ensured that the National Security Agency (NSA) could maintain surveillance of the telephones and e-mails of US citizens without legal permission.

After the Paris attacks, the EU's council on justice and internal affairs held an extraordinary session to debate precautions that were to be taken. In a statement that was issued it was reported that the meeting dealt with the collection of passenger name records (PNR), the smuggling of arms, strengthening control of external borders, the financing of terrorism and other matters.

The French interior minister said that there was an urgent need to collect the PNR of people coming to European countries, even without a concrete attack plan, as "there is no time to spare. Terrorists are crossing the frontiers of Europe." This showed the scope of the attacks on freedoms that are to be carried out. Nearly all EU countries will put similar practices, new laws and naturally encroachments on democratic rights into effect.

What is this, "a struggle against terrorism"! Are you not the biggest terrorist of all?  

It is you who does not recognise laws and justice. Never mind your own countries, you even see yourselves as possessing the right to intervene in other countries. Your practices exploit the peoples in ways reminiscent of the period of slavery. And now you talk of terrorism. Are you looking for terrorists? Look at yourselves, and the monsters you have created!

You are guilty: you will learn to live in fear!

The guilty have started to wait: "wondering where there will be another explosion". "Terrorist alarms" took place in Brussels and at the same time in Germany. Barely a week had passed before blood was spilled in Mali, a former colony of France.

In Bamako, the capital of the West African country, two people entered the Radisson Hotel and took 170 people hostage. The hostage crisis lasted 12 hours and ended bloodily with 27 deaths. This time while one of those responsible was the Al Mourabitoun organisation which supports Al Qaeda, the other entity responsible is no stranger to us - it is the imperialists. As a result of the "rescue operation" by American and French special forces, 27 people were killed.

Helpful France said it would give every kind of help to Mali. Why? Because like a number of African countries Mali is a "former" French colony. Let it be remembered that in January 2013 the northern part of the country fell into the hands of militants connected to Al Qaeda and they threatened to march on Bamako, and at this point France intervened.

French colonialism and the dark fate of the Dark Continent!  

Despite France having lost a great deal of the territory in our day that it had colonised, it retains almost complete control of an important area. In the 19th century and the Industrial Revolution that came with it, European capitalists cast eyes on the underground wealth of Africa because of the need for crude oil and new markets.

Because: 79.2% of the gold, 76.6% of the diamonds, 75.5% of the cobalt, 49% of the platinum , 41% of the vanadium and 20.9% of the uranium produced comes from this continent. In other words the continent of Africa is an enormous continent possessing a third of the world's mineral wealth.

We know that even if the groundwork of modern colonialism was laid by Portugal and Spain, in Africa Western colonialism really started with France. Among modern nations France was the first country to colonise Africa in a planned way.

The soil colonised by France:

Algeria was occupied between 1830-1847, Gabon in 1839, Mauretania in 1854, Senegal in 1855, along with some parts of Guinea and the Ivory Coast, the Republic of Congo in 1859, Tunisia in 1881, the Comoro Islands in 1886, Madagascar in 1885, Djibouti in 1888, Selou (Mali) between 1885 and 1890, Benin in 1898, Central Africa and Chad between 1901 and 1913 and Morocco in 1912. So France colonised a third of the Dark Continent.

Thus France became the second great colonising state in the world, after Britain. What would France be doing if Angola, Nigeria and Congo did not have petrol, Mali did not have gold, Algeria natural gas, Niger uranium, Gabon forests, the Ivory Coast and Ghana cocoa, Mali and Burkina Faso cotton, Rwanda and Uganda coffee, Kenya tea, Madagascar and the Comoro islands vanilla and Mauritania fish?  

The poorest people live on the wealthiest soil

It is not necessary to spend much time in order to understand the negative effects of colonialism on Africa. It is only necessary to look at the economic situation of the people on the continent and the poverty they live in.

Today Black Africa, despite possessing rich natural resources, is subject to hunger and misery. 300 million people on the continent live on an income of less than a dollar a day, on the continent every ten seconds a child loses his or her life as a result of malnutrition or preventable illnesses, and while in the imperialist countries there is a yearly health expenditure of 600 dollars per capita, in Africa this figures falls to three dollars and it is not a crime of Africans that others have a standard of living 200 times better.

Again. the combined yearly income of 48 countries in the Dark Continent is just slightly more than the yearly income of Belgium, and of the world's 50 poorest countries 33 are found in Africa south of the Sahara. In the first War of Partition (WW1), France lost 1,400,000 soldiers, three million were wounded and of these one million were left handicapped. A majority of them were brought from its colonial countries.

Today 22 African countries have French as their official language! Moreover many countries do not use it as the official language but like Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco use it for administrative purposes. And France has military bases on the territory of Chad, Senegal, Djibouti, Gabon, the Ivory Coast and other places.

France continued to exploit countries it had openly colonised up to 1958, even after they attained "independence". It is said that from 14 former colonies, in the course of 60 years France has obtained 500 billion dollars in "colonial tax".

The countries in question - Benin, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Togo, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon have 85% of their annual income transferred to the French Central Bank.  The remaining 15% is what African countries use to run their economies, and because of their material restrictions, they have to remain in debt to the French Central Bank for the money they have themselves deposited there.

All right, if luckless Black Africa does not pay these taxes, and defies France, then what? They have defied it, but it is certain that they will experience coups or become "victims" of assassination if they do. In the past 50 years, 26 African countries have experienced a total of 67 military coups.  16 of these countries are former colonies of France.

You are not innocent: you have eaten human flesh and drunk human blood!

There is no limit to France's attacks on impoverished peoples. As will be seen in what we reveal below, France is one of the imperialist states engaging in attacks, occupations, massacres, sabotage, murder and exploitation, especially against the peoples of the Middle East and Africa. It is inevitable that France will be the target of the anger of the peoples.

In one sentence: imperialists, you are murderers. You are the murderer of our children even before they are born or are washed up on shores like dead fish. You are the reason why millions have become refugees. Have you not looked at the situation of Iraq? Or Libya? And now you have turned Syria into a lake of blood. You have created gangs like ISIS who have stepped outside the bounds of humanity, and now you reap what you sow. And you are responsible for the terror and the horror!

To sum up:

1. It is imperialist France that is chiefly responsible for our people who died in the Paris Massacre. It is the imperialists who nurture and support killers like ISIS and so on. It is normal to be the target of imperialists and their collaborators. Because imperialists and their collaborators are in the first degree responsible for every kind of repression, tyranny and exploitation.

2. France in particular but all EU countries will start a new attack on rights and freedoms on the pretext of "terrorism". And organised, revolutionary-democratic sections will be the principal targets.

Again, racist attitudes against foreigners and Muslim peoples will harden, and xenophobia will develop. It will be necessary for the peoples to resist and pay a price for the rights and freedoms they won earlier.

3. The European imperialists cannot solve the "refugee problem". Because it is imperialism itself that creates "refugees". They are the ones who bomb the peoples, occupy countries and drive people from their homelands. To prevent this it is possible for the peoples to unite, organise and wage wars of independence against imperialism.

4. ISIS carried out the massacre. For organisations like ISIS there is no such thing as just or unjust, innocent or guilty. Only revolutionaries think like that.

In our country and Europe, a lot of young people are joining ISIS.

We have to organise much more so as not to leave our young people to reactionary killers like ISIS.

Everyone that we do not organise is turned into a soldier who is added to the enemy arsenal.

We will not allow this

Translated from Turkish by Steve Kaczynski

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