Sunday, July 27, 2014

'Ukrainian gov't should stop using Grad rockets in populated areas' Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch said that the Ukrainian army may have committed a war crime when it kill16 civilians with unguided grad missiles.

The group says that the grad systems are just too inaccurate to be used on populated areas.

HRW is calling on both sides in the conflict to stop using this kind of weapon if it wanted to avoid civilian casualties.

One of the authors of the report said the Ukrainian military should be held accountable for the killing

of civilians.


Kiev's army is contuining their crackdown of anti-govt forces in the East of Ukraine.

Urban areas are being caught in its deadly fire.

There are reports from the city of Gorlovka where the latest shelling has killed at least 13 civilians with some media suggesting the death toll could be higher.

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