Friday, July 18, 2014

The Jurassic Park of Russian and Ukrainian Capitalism by A.V. Buzgalin

We publish this presentation from A.V Buzgalin for background information on the West and the Ukraine and Russian Capitalism and its multiple contradictions.

Democracy and Class Struggle see the possibilty for new political space as a result of Ukraine Crisis for a revolutionary Left in Russian rather than a "domesticated" one.

We see A.V. Buzgalin has part of this "domesticated" Russian Left but nevertheless we value some of his analysis but not his practical reformist politics.

Whether the possibility of renewal of Revolutionary Left in Russia and Ukraine will be come actuality depends on growth of  revolutionary Marxist Leninist Maoist ideology and organisation in the Russian Federation and Ukraine, we welcome the self crticism of some Borotba members which were unprepared for Ukrainian Fascism and for People's War and shared some of the democratic illusions of the revisionist Communist Party of Ukraine.

Smash Ukrainian and Russian Capitalism.

"Without a People's Army the People have Nothing" Mao ZeDong

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