Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Democracy and Class Struggle supports call of French Comrades for for 19th June to be International Day of Solidarity with Political Prisoners

On 19 June 1999 many revolutionary prisoners, communists, anarchists, anti-fascist and anti-imperialist signed together a platform that serves as a base for a day of mobilization and support for revolutionary prisoners worldwide.

This date is not a coincidence, it was chosen as a tribute to the more than 300 prisoners and prisoners members of the Communist Party of Peru, murdered by the Peruvian government for daring to rebel.

This massacre took place 14 years earlier, on 19 June 1986.

France still has many political prisoners.

Whether it be against militants airport Notre Dame des Landes as independence activist left Breton Enguerrand Delanous; the anarchist militant antifascist Damien Camelio; Basque militants (about 150 to be locked up in France); or even Georges Ibrahim Abdallah Communist and pro-Palestinian activist who is in captivity since 1984 for his struggle against imperialism and Zionism.

Zionism also continues to keep imprisoned thousands of Palestinians fighting for their independence.

In the rest of Europe many revolutionary activists are imprisoned as Spain, Italy or Greece.

In the Maghreb countries with the complicity of French imperialism are also held countless progressive and revolutionary prisoners as in Tunisia or Morocco, where there are now more than 280 political prisoners in the prisons ofincluding following the crackdown on February 20.

In all countries where the revolutionary fight pose a threat to the bourgeoisie and capitalism repression strikes and prison hell begins.

This is the case in India are locked over 4000 prisoners accused of being part of Naxalites as Saibaba Professor at the University of New Delhi, this is also the case in the Philippines where  leaders of  the Communist Party Philippines have recently been arrested and thrown into prison.

Peru since September 1992, President Gonzalo, revolutionary leader of the PCP, has been taken hostage in complete isolation by a corrupt and anti-popular regime supported by imperialism .

Similarly in Turkey, Turkish and Kurdish militants undergo violent repression and torture in the jails of the reactionary regimes.

And we affirm our support to all progressive and revolutionary prisoners around the world who pay their freedom their opposition to injustice, oppression and exploitation of the masses suffer every day. We affirm the rightness of their struggle which is ours and we demand their release.

Against all imperialism,

Long live the international solidarity of the peoples!

Freedom for all revolutionary prisoners!

Action Committee and support the struggles of the people of Morocco (Paris)
Arab Red Aid
Anti-Imperialist Committee
Bloc Rouge (Unification Maoist)
FRAP / La Cause du Peuple
OCML Way Proletarian
Popular Front for Tunisia - Coordination Ile de France
Committee for the Liberation of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah
Tunisian Solidarity Committee for the Liberation of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah
Solidarity Committee Political Prisoners (OTDK)
ICAD (International Committee Against Disappearances)
OC-EN (Organisation Communiste-Future Red)

Call Also Supported by Democracy and Class Struggle

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