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"War-monger Obama! Your dirty hands off Syria " COMMUNIST PARTY OF INDIA (MAOIST) CENTRAL COMMITTEE

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Press Release September 05, 2013
War-monger Obama!

Your dirty hands off Syria!

The right to decide the future of Syria lies with and only with the Syrian people, not with imperialists or any one else!

 Oppose strongly the neo-Nazi US led imperialist aggression on Syria!

 The imperialists led by the neo-Nazi US have tightened their dragnet around Syria and are just waiting to make the strike. Just as the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) were touted as the ‘reason’ for the strike on Iraq, use of chemical weapons (poisonous gas) is being shown by the neo- fascist US as the ‘reason’ for the strike on Syria. The US is claiming that there was evidence that chemical weapons were used by the Bashar al-Assad government on the people of Syria leading to the death of more than 1400 Syrian people and with deadly consequences for several more. A UN team of inspectors had gone to Syria to probe the allegations but even before their report could be submitted (which is supposed to take at least three more weeks), Obama is already making preparations for a war.

 Obama went to the extent of saying that it is not his prestige at stake but that of the US and its Congress if they do not attack Syria! Indeed! The prestige of world No.1 mass murderer would be at stake if his record of killing maximum number of civilians in aerial strikes is not kept up. Even before the UN investigating team had returned, US secretary of state John Kerry has been howling that they have all evidence that chemical weapons were used and that it was the Assad’s government that had used them.

 So in the eyes of the US imperialists all those countries and world people who asked for ample proof are just fools and the imperial master need not answer them! Note that preparations always include gathering enough ‘lies’ to hoodwink the world people about the ‘necessity’ of such a strike. The US Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs had given authorization for limited attack on Syria to the President for a period of two months and this can be extended to another month subject to some conditions. It said that ground troops should not be sent.

 It is obvious that this ‘limited’ attack will in no way be ‘limited’ and would only end after strategically breaking the backbone of the Bashar’s regime and everything on the ground is ravaged, leading to innumerable deaths of civilians and unimaginable damage to property and livelihood of the people. The US imperialists want to paralyze the Assad government by destroying its strategic/key military and economic installations and want to bring to power those forces that would serve their interests in Syria, similar to what they had done in Libya.

 Damascus is one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities and now Obama is hell bent on destroying it with aerial bombing just as Bush had done irreparable damage to one of the world’s oldest civilizations’ heritage in Iraq. Russia is severely opposing any such move and is seeking ample proof from the US for the claims. Putin cautiously stated that if it is proved beyond doubt that Assad’s government had indeed used the chemical weapons, then any attack on Syria should have UN authorization.

 But if Obama attacks without UN authorization, he termed it would be illegal. He warned that any small missile hitting the nuclear facility in Damascus could lead to a nuclear emergency and the radiation could affect a large area and a large civilian population for generations to come. He also cautioned that it would exacerbate the world financial crisis they are mired in. China has been stating that any decision should be taken after the results of the UN probe are declared and only under the aegis of the UN. Germany is also taking this stand – as yet. With the state of the art war vessels of US that can fire long distance missiles from sea to land moving close to Syria and a spy vessel of Russia also entering the Mediterranean, the situation is highly tensed up in the entire West Asia and the world.

 David Cameroon sought the vote in the British Parliament for participating in the strike on Syria along with the US. He did not get it but his ambition to attack Syria would not wane is anybody’s guess. UN authorization or any other pretext can change this at any time. France under the neo-fascist Francois Holland declared that in-spite of the rejection in the British Parliament to wage a war it was ready to participate in the strike to punish the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

 Even the reason for the British opposition rejecting the proposal was because there was no ample proof that Assad’s government has used the gas, i.e., proof to legitimize the aggression and to rally its allies. It is the same story with the Democrats and Republicans in the US. The ruling and opposition parties (monopoly capitalists and their marionette) in imperialist countries never have any major dispute about their ‘right to strike’ any country. There is never any discussion about the fact that it is only the people of a country who have the right to decide its future and not any other countries or forces.

 And as always these imperialist heads of state are ignoring huge outpouring of public opinion and opposition against wars of aggression in their countries and the world and are aggressively pursuing their agenda. The UN, as is its wont, is striving to provide the fig leaves of excuses for the destruction of Syria. Its list of complicity since its inception in all imperialist wars of aggression is long. Its veil of impartiality has long been torn and tattered revealing its servility to the imperialists, particularly to the US. This institution is supposed to ensure the implementation of five principles in relations between countries having different social systems-mutual respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty; mutual non-aggression; non-interference in each other internal affairs; equality and mutual benefit; and peaceful co-existence.

 It is supposed to safeguard human rights, prevent wars of aggression and solve disputes among nations using diplomatic and other means. Even according to the rules and norms which the countries of the world including the imperialist countries formulated after the Second World War to avoid world wars, to settle regional disputes or local wars and which are supposed to be implemented by the UN, all kinds of diplomatic and political parleys/measures should be followed to solve such heinous crimes as usage of chemical weapons. But this international body that was primarily formed to ensure world peace is doing almost nothing to stop the aggression, except giving toothless statements that political and diplomatic means should be used to solve ‘the Syria crisis’ and beseeching that Obama have UN authorization for the attack.

 The shamelessness with which Obama is pushing his agenda of aggression is making it difficult even for the Ji Huzoor UN to justify it in this brazen form! Ironically the US is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the ‘I have a dream’ speech of Martin Luther King Jr even while it’s Nobel ‘Peace’ Prize winning President, the blood-thirsty murderer and destroyer of humans and civilizations is raucously barking that Syria should be attacked. If Obama has not achieved anything else – at least he has proven beyond doubt that having an African-American in the White House in itself cannot fulfill the ‘dreams’ of the oppressed peoples including those of the Blacks.

 The proposed strike on Syria should be another eye-opener for this fact. Obama is pursuing the imperialist world hegemonic agenda of the US ruling classes with equal if not far more fervor and vigor as some other ‘white’ Presidents before him who had destroyed oppressed nations and butchered millions of oppressed people on the globe and razed countless cities and villages to the ground during their terms. The US ruling classes definitely find him more ‘useful’ than a ‘white’ man – to deceive the people though only for a while.

 The US has been framing charges one after another since 1986 and particularly after the 9/11 attack on its twin towers that Syria too posed a threat to global security as it supported ‘terrorist’ groups, thus continuously targeting it in one manner or the other. Syria has become a play ground for the imperialist powers for the last two and half years. There has been a movement that was raging demanding the ouster of Assad. There have been innumerable armed confrontations between the ‘rebel’ forces and the government forces resulting in loss of lakhs of lives and destruction of property on a huge scale and migration of millions.

 The imperialists led by the US and their puppet regimes in Arab world have been diplomatically and politically manipulating and financially, militarily and technically aiding, hugely arming, training and guiding the opposition in various forms. They made it more than clear that they want Assad to go and their puppets to take over Syria. Russia and China have been supporting the Assad government consistently till date and have opposed any kind of armed imperialist intervention or attack on Syria. The corporate media had also to grudgingly concede that Assad too has considerable support among the Syrians. This is one of the reasons for not attacking Syria apart from crucial support to Assad from Russia, China, Lebanon and Iran though they very much wanted to as they had done in Libya. In fact, it has been reported recently that Assad’s forces have gained an upper hand over the rebels in their strong hold areas which is well one of the reasons for this haste to attack Syria.

 Our Party, the CPI (Maoist) has always maintained that it is only the people of a country who have the right to retain or overthrow a particular regime in their country. It is for the people of Syria to decide whether they want Assad to be in power or not. They have every right to rebel and carve their own future. But due to the unwarranted intervention of the imperialists in the internal affairs in Syria the future of the country has already been facing a great danger and perhaps it will not lay in the hands of the Syrians for a long time to come. The recent phenomena in the Arab countries like Egypt after the Arab Spring indicate exactly how puppet regimes are sought to be installed by the imperialists, particularly US.

 Morsi, though a compromising force was unceremoniously ousted as he opposed certain US interventions in their foreign relations and was put in jail by the military. Massacres of people protesting the military regime are taking place on a daily basis. The mighty mass upsurge and the formal democratic process that brought Morsi to power, whatever may have been its flaws, was trampled under the iron boots of the military backed by the US and forces of the former president. In almost all countries that had ousted their old dictatorial rulers during the Arab Spring, pro-imperialist puppets or compromising forces took over, notwithstanding the democratic aspirations of the people. This should serve as a revelation for any forces that seek to challenge and change the dictatorial regimes in their countries.

 They should never play into the hands of the imperialists. That would result in one dictator replacing another if not a worst one and the replacement would definitely be subservient to the imperialists. Any forces that seek genuine democracy and oppose autocratic regimes should do so independently and basing on their own strength by mobilizing the masses and the support of the world people. They should not collaborate with the imperialists. If not the people would again be forced to fight the subservient forces of imperialism that would take over – as it is now happening in Egypt or elsewhere in the world.

 After Second World War until the victory of national liberation war of the Vietnam, the main pretext for the US wars of aggression was curtailing ‘spread of communism’. With the disintegration of Soviet Union its oft-used excuse is ‘violation of human rights’ or ‘terrorism’ or both. Sometimes it is veiled as ‘restoration of democracy’ or ‘granting of freedom’. But always the real reason was/is the pursuit for world hegemony.

 This has also been the reason behind the various wars of aggression either by France, Britain or the former Super Power USSR. The usage of chemical weapons which is cited as the reason for the attack was countered very strongly by the Assad government which claimed that it was the rebels who had used it. Nobody would support the usage of chemical weapons either by the government or the rebels. If the allegation that the rebels have used them is true then without any doubt, it is the imperialists who had supplied the poisonous gas Sarin to them. As it has been more than two years and Assad is not being defeated the most plausible explanation for the use of Sarin can be that the US imperialists had supplied it to its agents in Syria for usage so that it can use it as an immediate excuse to attack it.

 If one remembers that Obama had warned Syria not to cross the ‘red line’ of using chemical weapons, one can easily connect that they would exactly use that ‘red line’ as the excuse. But what is baffling is the way in which the US imperialists are crying ‘foul’! As everyone knows it is the US imperialists who have the dubious record of using extremely destructive chemical weapons (napalm, Agent Orange, white phosphorus to name a few) whether in Vietnam, Iraq or elsewhere. The terrible chemical warfare of 1915 to 1918 led the League of Nations to adopt the Geneva Protocol of 1925, which banned the use of chemical and biological weapons.

 Although the United States had proposed and helped to draft the treaty, the Senate declined in 1926 to approve its ratification. In 1970 the treaty was resubmitted to the Senate, which approved it only four years later. Such is the double standards that had been typical of the US in all matters relating to arms control till date! Till now the US and other major imperialist powers are not ready to ban all types of WMDs like cluster bombs, chemical, biological and nuclear, etc weapons. So, why they are talking about Syria? This could only be with vested interests so as to use more lethal WMD on Syria or anywhere in the world. It is the war-mongering imperialists who are developing chemical weapons either directly or clandestinely and selling it to their lackeys or dictators of the backward countries for usage on common people and on their foe countries or supplying them to the counterrevolutionary forces to change regimes.

 Apart from using WMD on common people indiscriminately, the imperialists, particularly the US and Israel did not hesitate to use chemical and biological weapons in attempts to assassinate heads of countries or organizations that did not follow their diktats. If at all anybody is firstly to stand trial for the destruction caused by chemical and biological weapons in the entire world it is the US imperialists and the whole gang of imperialist thugs that are led by it or in connivance with it. It is obvious that the US, Britain, France-Israel combine and Turkey want a puppet regime in power in Syria to further their geo-political interests in West Asia due to its strategic location apart from having their hands on the natural resources of Syria, mainly oil.

 It would also pave way for it to penetrate the central Asian countries that were once part of USSR/CIS in order to control oil and other rich resources in those countries. This would pose a big challenge to the increasing Russian clout and of China and help to establish the hegemony of its junior partner – Israel in West Asia further. Israel had been occupying Golan Heights in Syria since the Six-Day war of 1967 and permanently entrenched itself since 1973 Arab-Israeli War. It wants to retain it, while Syria that had been betrayed in the Camp David Accords has been demanding the unconditional surrender of the Golan Heights. Syria has been consistent in its opposition to US-Israel imperialist interventions and designs in West Asia. Syria has also supported the Palestinian cause with regularity. Hezbollah (Lebanon) support to Assad and the Palestinian cause and its bitter opposition to Israel is another thorn which the imperialists want to numb with this attack.

Likewise this attack would once again pose a greater threat to the unyielding Iran which is also very consistent in its opposition to the US-Israel hegemonic interests in the region and is at present bitterly opposing any attempt to attack Syria – two birds at one shot. The amount of destruction caused in a particular region either during the First or the Second World War is less compared to the amount of devastation that is being caused due to imperialist wars of aggression or proxy wars that were instigated and supported by the rival imperialist blocks after the Second World War. The strategy of using long-range missiles from far away seas and aerial bombing from high altitudes is destroying everything on the ground – both human and material in the targeted areas.

 The indiscriminate and callous usage of drones on a daily basis has wreaked far more havoc on civilians than at any time in history. These wars of aggression are not only destroying the invaluable heritage of past civilizations, the lives of the present generations but also the future of several more generations to come. The damage is in several instances irreparable. The neo-Hitler Obama is shedding crocodile tears that innocent women, children and civilians were killed in Syria due to poisonous gas and they cannot tolerate it. The killing of innocents of course is not tolerable. But is it not simple logic that the same applies to the countless innocent women, children and civilians being killed in regular US drone attacks in Pakistan, Yemen and Afghanistan etc? And what about the lakhs of innocent persons killed in an Iraq, Afghanistan or a Palestine since decades even if we leave all the previous atrocities perpetrated by the imperialists in innumerable backward countries during colonial times and after? Why is there always a conspiratorial silence on these? It is a cruel joke that the US which has such huge stocks of weapons including nuclear weapons that can destroy the entire earth several times over (and it has not even hesitated to use them wherever and whenever it wanted to) had attacked Iraq on the pretext that it had WMD.

 Another incongruity is that the US which has detonated the atom bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan is crying hoarse about possible development of nuclear weapons by Iran. The imperialists did not even bother to show any semblance of such ‘reasons’ for the attack on Libya and murder of Gaddafi. It is to be noted that WMD had never been found in Iraq; even though Iran has every right to manufacture nuclear weapons, still its government is repeatedly clarifying that they have no intention of manufacturing nuclear weapons; and the Syrian government is still strongly denying that it had used chemical weapons.

 One is reminded of the ingenious folk tale where the lamb is destined to be devoured by the wolf irrespective of whether it drinks water upstream or downstream. Being born a lamb is reason enough to be devoured. And being resource-rich or just being located in a strategic geographical position is enough to be occupied. It is nothing but classic imperialist hunger for world hegemony tinged with wolf-like jungle justice. The people of the world should realize that all the pretexts of human rights violations thrown at our face as justifications for wars of aggression by the neo-Nazis are nothing but humbug to cover up the imperialists’ insatiable hunger for resources and blatant quest for world hegemony. The world capitalist system is bogged down in an all-encompassing financial crisis. Wars of aggression are also being resorted to apart from bailouts and increasing ruthless loot of resources from the resource-rich ‘backward’ countries of the world. But all such attempts to overcome the crisis are just pushing the system even deeper into it.

 The imperialists are thinking they are amassing wealth but what they are actually piling up is the hatred and anger of the oppressed masses of the world in abundance with their every act of aggression and loot. These fools did not learn any lesson from history that wars of aggression would eventually lead to their overthrow. The war of aggression on Syria would never help them overcome the long running neck-deep economic and political crises, but will only bog them in deeper crises. This is already evident all over the world with prices of oil skyrocketing and markets turning highly volatile, not to mention the rapid devaluation of currencies in several backward countries including our own rupee that is having a free fall.

 President Bashar al-Assad of Syria declared that they would fight back tooth and nail any imperialist aggression on their country. Syrian foreign minister declared defiantly that they are fully prepared to fight back the imperialist aggression and would not step back until they defeat the aggressors and even if it leads to a Third World War. Syrian government has also been repeatedly appealing to the UN to oppose the US military strike and settle the crisis peacefully. The people of Syria are defiant and are preparing themselves to fight back the onslaught to their death. Though Assad had declared that they would oppose any kind of imperialist aggression this would be successful only when it is be done by mobilizing the people and relying on them. It is equally true that no regimes can mobilize the people or gain their support against imperialist aggression unless people enjoy democracy. Hafez al-Assad, Bashar’s father and former President of Syria had sent troops to Iraq in 1991 participating in the imperialist aggression. Syria had troops in Lebanon till as late as 2005 and has been accused by the Lebanese of interference in their internal affairs. The fact that no country has the right to interfere or send troops to other countries for its own interests or bending to imperialist pressures should be realized by rulers of backward countries in this context once again.

 Only a staunch uncompromising opposition to imperialist intervention and aggression in any country and their own countries could win the support of their own people and the people of the world in their opposition to the imperialists. Indian government stated that they should wait till the UN inspectors declare the results of their probe before any decision for the attack is taken. And it really does not have any objection to the attack on Syria if there is a UN authorization. The fact is Indian State does not want to antagonize either the US or Russia and so it conveniently perched itself on the fence ready to jump either way. It did not unambiguously oppose any kind of military intervention in Syria with or without the authorization of UN by any aggressor country or a set of felon countries.
By not taking up the unequivocal demand that all attempts to attack Syria be stopped, it is actually helping the imperialists in their conspiracy to crush Syria. Given its rank servility to the imperialists or fence- sitting in several previous occasions when wars of aggression were waged by them, this is not in any way surprising, only utterly disgusting and outraging. CC, CPI (Maoist) condemns in unequivocal terms any attempts by the US led imperialists to attack Syria and demands an immediate stop of all such preparations. It extends its support and solidarity to all kinds of resistance by the Syrian people against imperialist intervention and proposed war of aggression.

 It sees their resistance as part of the entire range of various kinds of resistances the oppressed peoples and nations of the world are putting up against all kinds of imperialist intervention, aggression and control. It firmly states that it is the duty of every democratic person in the world to unequivocally oppose and condemn the proposed strike on Syria led by the US. Anti-imperialist forces all over the world are voicing their protests against the impending US attack on Syria and pouring out into streets demanding a stop to all such attempts. Our CC welcomes all such protests and lends its voice of support to all such anti-imperialist forces.

 Our party is calling upon its entire ranks to join hands with all the forces that oppose the war on Syria and to turn it into a broad based and militant movement against all kinds of imperialist wars of aggression and intervention. Our CC appeals to all the anti-imperialist forces and organizations and proletarian parties of our country and the world to condemn the blatant attempts of the imperialists led by the US to attack Syria. It is necessary to build international support to the resistance of the Syrian people against this war of aggression. The resistance to the imperialists in their own countries would play a crucial role in defeating their evil designs of occupying and looting other countries.
Our CC upholds the opposition to the war in Syria that is outpouring into streets in the US and other imperialist countries. It particularly appeals to the people of the US, France, other imperialist countries, Turkey and puppet regimes in West Asia like Qatar and Saudi Arabia that are preparing to participate in the attack on Syria, to oppose their governments’ attempts to destroy Syria and strengthen the united fight of the world oppressed nations and peoples against imperialism. The war of aggression on Syria could well prove to be the proverbial straw on the camel’s back for the US imperialism which is already bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan.

 But the monster of imperialism with feet of clay would never collapse on its own despite its innumerable vulnerabilities. It requires a blow from all the oppressed peoples of the world for it to be wiped out from the face of the earth. If the imperialists dare to attack Syria, the brave resistance of the proud people of Syria with a glorious history of resistance to imperialist interventions and the support of the world people to their resistance would drive one of the final nails into the coffin of imperialism. The material conditions to form a broad anti-imperialist front against arm-twisting, intervention, control, exploitation, oppression and wars of aggression by imperialists on the oppressed nations and peoples of the world are maturing fast.

 Only such a broad-based, militant and all-encompassing anti-imperialist front would be able to fight imperialist domination and intervention in social, economic, cultural and other spheres and all wars of aggression. This would finally pave the way for its overthrow. We will be able to achieve genuine democracy, progress and world peace only through such united fight to overthrow imperialism and all kinds of reactionaries. Since the past century the imperialists have been resorting to fascism and war to overcome their financial crises and people have been resorting to resistance and revolution to oppose and defeat them. The material conditions are turning more and more favorable for revolution in the world and our party calls upon the people of our country and the world to make successful revolutions. Only through revolutionary revolutions we can put an end to all imperialist and unjust wars and ensure world peace.

 (Abhay) Spokesperson, Central Committee, CPI (Maoist)

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