Thursday, September 26, 2013


                                              Recent picture of Peter Tobin In Nepal

Democracy and Class Struggle have just had this disturbing report below from Kathmandu Post about the police seeking to arrest our comrade Peter Tobin for making a speech against the current fraudulent elections being planned in Nepal'

It is outrageous that a journalist making a speech about the elections in Nepal can lead to an arrest - clearly the ruling elite is Kathmandu is terrified that its election charade has been exposed even before it gets off the ground, hence their paranoia about a speech.

We call for wide publicity for this threat to Peter Tobin to expose reactionaries and to call for his right to free speech in Nepal be protected.


Editor of Democracy and Class Struggle


Police are after the Irish national spotted sitting alongside a group of CPN-Maoist leaders, including Ram Bahadur Thapa, on stage during a function organised by the party’s sister organisation, People’s Volunteers, at Charikot, Dolakha, on Tuesday.

Peter Tobin, who was introduced as a senior editor of Red Front, a quarterly journal published by Secondwave Publications in London, is wanted for fomenting anti-election activities. Addressing the function, the Irish had allegedly termed the upcoming Constituent Assembly election a ‘betrayal’ to Nepali people apart from calling India and Europe as Nepal’s top enemies.

  “The country is determined to hold the election and no foreigner has the right to speak ill of it,” said Dolakha’s Chief District Officer Prahlad Pokharel. It is learnt that Peter left for Kathmandu after stirring up a controversy by his speech that he had delivered sporting a red shirt emblazoned with a Nepali text in white that read “boycott the so-called election”. ' '

Deputy Superintenent of Police Suresh Prasad Kafle said they have already informed the center that Peter has already left Dolakha and that he may be in Kathmandu. “We took him for a foreign journalist.

It was after he left the function having spoken against the polls we found out why he was here,” said Kafle.

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Anonymous said...

what are bad:
-cpn-maoist not coming to election.
-the so called four party alliance acting like tyrant.

what is worst:
the end sufferer of the armed revolution has always been nepali farmers
and the farmers can not get fertilizer when the maoist governmnet was in power.
i can not see any contradiction than this !