Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dr. Rishi Raj Baral : Condemn the arbitrary raid on house of Dr GN Saibaba


Picture Dr Rishi Raj Baral

We Nepalese  intellectuals-writers, journalists and university teachers of Nepal condemn the arbitrary raid, a calculated state terror by the Indian Government,  of the house of Dr. G.N Saibaba, asst.Prof.  at Ranm Lal Anand  College, Delhi University. G.N, Saibaba, is disabled and wheelchair-bound and an active intellectual in the People's Movement in India  for revolutionary rights. He  is also  the joint secretary of the Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF). Reactionary Governments always frighten with the progressive intellectuals because of their stand on the side of  oppressed people. This treatment also indicates the terrified mentality of the Indian reactionaries before the progressive ideas and intellectuals.

We express our  strong solidarity with G.N. Saibaba and with those intellectuals-professors and human right activists,  who have stood against such fascist and  brazen anti-people activities–the naked  state terror.  We call upon  all progressive intellectuals particularly the university teachers of Nepal  to condemn such fascist activities and  unmask the real face of Indian fascist Government.

In Solidarity,
On Behalf of  Revolutionary Intellectuals of Nepal
 Dr. Rishi Raj Baral
Retired Professor : Tribhuwan University, Nepal
September 14, 2013

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