Friday, September 13, 2013

'Clear from rebel exchanges they were behind chem attack' - ex-hostage

There's been no official findings yet on who was behind the chemical attack which sparked America's appetite for war. And while Washington accuses president Assad of being responsible - some westerners who were inside the country at that time challenge this notion. RT's Bill Dod spoke to Belgian writer Pierre Piccinin. He came to Syria under the rebels' protection - but later found himself in their detention

From Pepe Escobar on 10/9/2013

"One of my very close friends at La Stampa spoke DIRECTLY with former journalist/hostage Domenico Quirico a few minutes ago. He confirmed that he and Belgian hostage Piccinin overheard a skype conversation between a "rebel" speaking very bad English and somebody speaking very good English on the other side of the line. It was clear from the conversation that the Assad government was NOT responsible for the gas attack in Ghouta.

Quirico is saying exactly what Piccinin told Belgian TV .It's not conclusive; yet as proof goes, it certainly beats the bulk of the Israeli-fed White House intel!"

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