Saturday, September 28, 2013

Nepal: CPN Maoist defends Peter Tobin's right to free speech plus Peter Tobin's thanks for support

All the international support has been overwhelming - could you thank comrades through D&CS on my behalf.



KATHMANDU, SEP 28 - The CPN-Maoist has objected to media reports concerning the police's search of an Irish national who was spotted giving anti-election speeches alongside the party's General Secretary Ram Bahadur Thapa a few days ago. 

The party claims that the Irishman identified as Peter Tobin, 70, had not spoken anything objectionable as reported by the media. 

The party said Tobin was putting his remarks as a "party's guest and a friend of the Nepali people". 

“It's his natural right to express his solidarity with our campaign as a guest. It's not interference in Nepal's internal affairs,” reads the statement issued by Bishnu Hari Nepal, who is in charge of the party's pro-public department. 

The party has challenged the government and the police to initiate action against American, Indian and European delegates who, according to it, have interfered in Nepal's internal matters through "pressure on the government and the four parties to hold the election on November 19 at any cost"

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