On 8th February at the Court of Bologna a trial will begin against twelve comrades accused of “subversive association for purposes of terrorism”(item 270 bis of Penal Code), charge built by fascist regime and implemented by the fascists special courts to incarcerate hundreds of communists and anti-fascists, Antonio Gramsci included. Among the comrades investigated in Bologna there are Giuseppe Maj, Pietro Vangeli, Giuseppe Czeppel, Manuela Maj, Massimo Amore, Marco Proietti Refrigeri, Paolo Babini, members of the (n) PCI, of the CARC Party or of the Association of Proletarian Solidarity.
We denounce the campaign that the judiciary, commissioned by all the Italian governments for decades until that of Berlusconi and the present one, carries out for such a long time against the new birth of the communist movement in our country. This is the eighth investigation always for the same charge and always against the “caravan” of (n) PCI, which includes all the forces that since 1980 have worked with determination for the new birth of the communist movement and for the reconstruction of the Communist Party in our country. All previous investigations were concluded with the dismissal or with nonsuit judgment. Also this investigation, started in 2003 by Public Prosecutor Giovagnoli, ended in 2008 with a nonsuit judgment, but in January 2010, the Supreme Court upheld the appeal of the Public Prosecutor of Bologna against it and gave the green light to resume the legal proceedings.
In the meantime, the zealous persecutor of the moment, the Public Prosecutor Giovagnoli, has been promoted chief of Prosecutor’s Office in the city of Rimini: he has had a career, like all hardworking servants of the state ready for any dirty work against the Italian and immigrants masses! The Prosecutor’s Office of Bologna and some of its judges are always staying on the cutting edge for their activities of inquisitors and dispensers of the crime of association: starting from the investigation against four comrades of CARC Party, of ASP and of the Struggling Workers Union accused to have promoted the democratic watch and to have worked to publicize the faces of police officers through the publication of photos on the site “Cop Hunt” [http://cacciaallosbirro.awardspace.info/] realized by the (n) PCI, to the investigation that led to the closure of the social center Fuoriluogo and a wave of house searches and arrests in a dozen cities on charges of having organized the raid against the Center of Identification and Expulsion of immigrants in Bologna and against some banks.

Today, the bourgeoisie openly attacks the rights of expression, association, organization of the masses. It sets out more and more clearly the “subversive” trend of the bourgeoisie, to systematically violate the laws of his own order, the Constitution and fundamental and universal people's rights:
· the tortures in the barracks in Genoa in March-July 2001 during the G8 when Carlo Giuliani was murdered,
· the war missions disguised as “humanitarian interventions” in Libya, Afghanistan, etc..,
· the racial laws and the new concentration camps for the immigrants,
· the blackmails of Marchionne, CEO of FIAT and of the bosses who follow him.
On the pretext of fighting terrorism on national and international level the imperialist bourgeoisie justifies the persecution of Communists, Anti-imperialists, immigrants, political refugees: seizures of immigrants, the kidnapping of Abu Omar, imam of Milan, the use of torture, a practice of annihilation against the revolutionary prisoners, creation of parallel police, mass wiretapping and booking, violation of status of political refugees, blacklists against anti-imperialist and communist organizations.

In the European Union, after the adoption of Directive Lindblad in 2006 equating Communism to Nazism, in many countries the communist parties were outlawed (Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) or are going to be outlawed (the Czech Republic and Moldova). In others the communist symbols have been banned (Poland, Hungary). Finally, in December 2010 a proposal was submitted to prosecute the apology of Communism (as explained in the Joint Declaration of 45 Communist and Workers Parties of Europe, “Anticommunism in Europe Will Not Succeed” [http://inter.kke.gr/News/2010news/2010-12-29-joint-statement/]). These are all signs of the intention of the bourgeoisie to criminalize Communism and to persecute those who profess it and the struggle for the new birth of the communist movement, for ending the economic, environmental and social disaster, caused by capitalism, for building a society with no more bosses, without exploitation, misery and war.

In addition, repression in our country hastens: beatings of protesters for defending environment at Terzigno, near Naples, arrests of students in Florence, attacks on people protesting against building railways for high-speed trains and against trains carrying radioactive material!

We will not lend ourselves to cooperate with the hypocritical performance of “the law is the same for everyone”.

When a bourgeois falls into judiciary’s toils, because of “errors” or of internal struggle among bourgeois factions, the “repression” is at worst a few days in jail and house arrest in his luxury villas. Instead, for the masses, for their vanguards, for Communists and Anti-fascists, repression means house searches, seizures of equipment, fines, money for legal costs, months and years of detention, often preventive detention.

Bourgeoisie’s justice is the justice of a class that defends tooth and nail her power, her privileges, her vices and the wealth accumulated thanks to work and blood of the masses.
The persecution against the (n) PCI is part of more general attack on the conquests of civilization and progress in our country by the Communists and the masses thanks to the Resistance and the victory over Nazi-fascism. It is part of the subversive and reactionary tendency that the bourgeoisie carries out trying to manage the economic, environmental, political and cultural crisis that grips her .

The task to counter the new birth of the communist movement is central in bourgeoisie’s war against the masses.
We face this new battle head on. We share with the most conscious and militant part of the masses the aspiration to subvert this social order and replace it with a system in which the yardstick of social progress is not the increase in GDP, the trend of the indices of the stock market and bosses and speculators’ profits, but the improvement of living conditions of the masses, the participation in the management of society and the access to specifically human activities of planning, culture, research, art and social relations. Building a new economic and social order is an increasingly urgent need of the bulk of the population in Italy and all around the world. We need it to prevent a growing number of men, women and children from living in hardship, from dying of hunger, cold , disease, migration and labor in the oppressed countries and also in developed ones. We need it to put an end to pollution and to the plundering of the planet that are threatening the very survival of humanity, to prevent and stop the increasingly devastating and global wars towards which “global competition” of the capitalists is dragging us.
We are determined to use also the trial on 8th February to impeach the only true terrorists: those who rule the Papal Republic, the Vatican, who are in the boards of great capitalist companies, banks and financial societies, the top officers of secret services, Carabinieri and the Police, the top officers of national and international institutions of the imperialist world system and the “International Community” led by the government in Washington and blessed by the Pope of Rome! We can see the results of their work: war refugees drowning in the Canal of Sicily, imprisoned in the Centres for Identification and Expulsion, the homeless earthquake victims in L'Aquila, the workers killed at the Thyssen Krupp, the workers attacked by FIAT in the factories of Pomigliano, Mirafiori and Bertone, the popular masses who struggle to defend the environment attacked at Terzigno and in Susa Valley, the popular masses attacked by the imperialists and Zionists in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine, the popular masses that suffer the ravages of the earthquake and nuclear accidents in Japan!
We call upon all communist, anti-imperialist, anarchist, progressive organizations, the true democrats, the fighting organizations and movements to reject the ongoing campaign of criminalization of communism and persecution of the Communists.
We invite everybody:

- To sign the call NO to persecuting and outlawing Communists!
To sign the petition send your signature via e-mail to resistenza@carc.it, by fax to 02.26306454
Hitting the communists means to hit the masses and make a clean sweep of the leftover conquests of civilization and progress result of the Resistance against nazi-fascism!
Let’s use also the struggle against repression and the development of solidarity with comrades in order to strengthen the process of constitution of a popular emergency government able to face the worst effects of the crisis, to block the way to racism and war and to start the new birth of the country, towards the real and definitive solution of the crisis, that is to make Italy a new socialist country!

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