Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Italian State has decided to attack leading forces of the resistance to austerity in Italy - the (new) PCI, the CARC and the ASP

Defend Italian Comrades Now !

The Italian State has decided to attack leading forces of the resistance to austerity in Italy.

The attack by the Italian State is focused on :

The (new) PCI - (new) Italian Communist Party which represents the the renaissance of socialism in Italy

The CARC and the resistance to austerity

The Association for Proletarian Solidarity which fights racism against migrant workers.

Comrades Giuseppe Maj, Pietro Vangeli, Giuseppe Czeppel, Manuela Maj, Massimo Amore, Marco Proietti Refrigeri, Paolo Babini, members of the (n) PCI, of the CARC Party or of the Association of Proletarian Solidarity are being put on trial in Bologna on the 8th February accused of “subversive association for purposes of terrorism”(item 270 bis of Penal Code), charge built by fascist regime and implemented by the fascists special courts to incarcerate hundreds of communists and anti-fascists, Antonio Gramsci included.

The news of the prosecution of 12 members the (new) Italian Communist Party and the CARC and ASP on the 8th February 2012 has part of an renewed campaign against communism in Italy should send shivers down the spine of all involved in Europe in resistance to austerity and attacks on democracy.

These are our brothers and sisters in struggle who have been at the forefront of resistance in Italy.

Democracy and Class Struggle calls for protests at Italian Embassies throughout the World on 8th February 2012 to shed light on these sinister actions of the Italian State.

This is not a time to let sectarian differences surface, because you may not endorse the programme of the (n) PCI, it is a time to express and demonstrate practical solidarity to comrades under attack.

We call for support from communist and progressive organisations in Britain to join us at the Italian Embassy on the 8th February to protest the trial in Bologna of our Italian brothers and sisters.


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