Thursday, January 12, 2012

Liverpool Occupy Protestors assaulted by Security Guards

This footage has been uploaded with only a minimal level of editing so that people can view this with an open mind, but for those who wish to know more, here is a small backstory to the event:


Occupy protesters in Liverpool held a demonstration on Liverpool's main high street to highlight tax avoiding companies such as Top Shop, Boots and Vodafone. Security guards from these retailers and other nearby stores brutally attacked the protesters including women, children and the elderly. Witnesses saw security guards punch a pregnant protester and burn a lit cigarette into one protesters face, along with countless other acts of criminal assault. On arrival, the police arrested 4 of the peaceful protesters and 1 security guard.

Personally, I have nothing to do with the protests and was simply present to document the event. As an independent film maker, my intension was to report on both sides of the story, however that became impossible after I was unjustifiably forced into an ally way by 4 security guards and pushed to the floor, whilst demonstrating my right to film in a public place. I was also called a "fucking peado" and had my photo taken by 2 security guards who told me "we'll fucking get you".

Do these actions demonstrate the ideals of the retail stores these security guards represent? Or is this just the actions of mindless thugs, taking any opportunity to out their pent up aggression? Are these the kind of people we want in our society - pedestrians in uniform, exercising a non-existant authority, warped by their idiotic willingness to simply have a fight?

Something needs to be done...but I doubt anything will.

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