Friday, January 6, 2012

John Rees of Stop the War Coalition in Britain " Iran a Greater Regional power as result of Iraq Invasion by the United States"

We are extremely concerned at reports that plans are being drawn up for an attack on Iran
The case being made for war on Iran is based on a series of speculations about 'undisclosed nuclear-related activities' reminiscent of the disproven 'intelligence' about weapons of mass destruction used to justify the disastrous attack on Iraq.
The West's attitude to Iran's nuclear weapons is hypocritical and contradictory.
The US and its allies remain silent about Israel's covert nuclear arsenal, the only one in the Middle East, while they are tightening the campaign of sanctions against Iran without real evidence.
Such an attitude, combined with threats of military action, can only serve to isolate and antagonise Iran.
The US is already flooding the Gulf region with arms and increasing its forces deployed in support of the autocracies in the Gulf.
Simply ending its militaristic posture towards Iran would ease tensions dramatically.
The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have had disastrous consequences including the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians and the displacement of millions.
Any attack on Iran would risk a wave of destruction across the region. Plans for an attack, along with sanctions against Iran, should be scrapped immediately.
The British government must pledge to have no involvement in any military action against Iran, including not allowing Diego Garcia to be used as a launch pad for air strikes.
Statement from Stop the War Coalition in UK

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