Friday, January 27, 2012

Seminar on Philippine Society and Revolution - Utrecht - 4-5th February 2012

Seminar on Philippine Society and Revolution
4-5th February 2012
Amsterdamsestraatwe g 50, 3513 AG Utrecht.

In 1969 Prof. Jose Maria Sison published, under his then nom de guerre Amado Guerrero, Philippine Society and Revolution that has effectively served as a manifesto for the Filipino revolution since. Prof. Jose M. Sison, through an examination of Filipino history and the mode of production, argued that Philippine society could be characterized, using Mao Zedong's formulation, as a `semi-feudal semi-colonial' society. Furthermore, he delineated the strategy and tactics through which the Filipino people could overthrow the predetermination that has been foisted onto their lives by imperialists, rural feudal landlords and urban capitalists and build a different kind of socio-economic and political order in the Philippines.

We invite you to attend a two-day seminar on Philippine Society and Revolution on the 4th and 5th of Februari 2012 at Amsterdamsestraatwe g 50 in Utrecht, the Netherlands from 10am till 5pm. Light refreshments will be served. This two-day seminar will be composed of study groups and lectures by Prof. Sison, and other members of the New Democratic Front of the Philippines who have studied the socio-economic and political structure of the Philippines. In these two days we will closely study Philippine Society and Revolution and discuss different aspects of the book whilst trying to answer questions such as: what is imperialism and how has it effect the political and socio-economic development of the Philippines? ; what is semi-feudalism semi-colonialism, and is the Philippines still a semi-feudal and semi-colonial society?; and why people's war? Please, note that the seminar will be held in English.

This seminar is open to all members of the public, and all are welcome. The seminar is free to all participants. The seminar is aimed all people who wish to gain a firm grasp of this important theoretical and political contribution to the struggle for New Democracy in the Philippines, and may be interested in trying to understand what implications it may have on their own societies and social movements. The seminar will also attempt to make itself relevant to those whom have never read Philippine Society and Revolution before, and also to those who have read it several times. Thus, no prior knowledge is required to attend the seminar. Our only request is that all those who wish to participate read Philippine Society and Revolution prior to coming to the seminar. Copies of Philippine Society and Revolution are available for purchase at the NDFP office in Utrecht or online at: http://www.scribd. com/doc/12489151 /Philippine- Society-and- Revolution.

If you would like to participate in the seminar please contact the organizers at:psrseminar@gmail. com. Please, note that there are limited spaces available in the seminar and participation is first come, first serve. After confirming your participation a schedule of the day's activities will be e-mailed to you.

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