Sunday, March 13, 2011

French Maoists speak : Against the opportunism of left and right in supporting Arab democratic movements !

The opportunism of the left hand because the Arab democratic revolutions are not workers revolutions , they will anyway be recovered by reaction which is determined to keep dropping a little weight and make the game of imperialism retain its economic and strategic interests.

These remarks are merely stating the obvious that the imperialist bourgeoisie is working hand in hand are not ready to commit suicide. Nothing more!

The movement out of Tunisia, has spread to Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Jordan, Algeria, Bahrain, Morocco, Iraq, Oman, Iran and China and may expand into Europe in the heart of imperialism where the ruling classes and reformists are worried about a risk of destabilization. That's why they shake the specter of immigration and Islam to divide the working class and the masses.

The imperialists are ready to step in Libya (where else) militarily if the movement grows. Where appropriate, the democratic revolution will become a national liberation struggle (this might happen in Iraq) where the armies of occupation support the "watchdogs" against which stand the masses.

Regarding the Arab democratic revolutions they advance cautiously. There is currently no direct military intervention, but humanitarian aid by NGO intermediaries.

The old adage of "Rattling the Sabre  " is replaced by "military threat and humanitarianism."

This is inevitable, part of the class struggle between proletariat and peoples and imperialism on one side and "watchdogs" of the other side.

The right opportunists are ready to accept any solution of bourgeois democracy and stop there. They are not willing to transform the bourgeois democratic revolution in the old style democratic revolution led by a new type of the proletariat organized as head of the masses in a popular revolutionary front covering all the layers of the working people. This new democracy if unbroken and opens the way for socialism.

These two positions (the opportunism of left and right) come together, because they make it impossible to walk in front of the revolution in countries where there is the "watchdog" servants of the imperialists.

Basically, these positions confirm imperialism and strengthen radical Islam.

The uprising of the Arab people begin to erode the positions of imperialism. The overthrow of the old powers is the first step. The second is to fight for democracy with the  wider condition that the bourgeoisie accepts that the communists are free to organize the proletariat and the masses.

The constitution of united fronts can only lead to the seizure of power by the proletariat and other sections of the people. Only under the leadership of the proletariat as the new democracy paving the way to socialism can be considered.This requires strengthening the popular committees which have sprung up, publicize the purpose and revolutionary strategy to conquer all the power. During a protracted struggle (peaceful and non peaceful) will introduce the embryo of popular power, is itself the Revolutionary Front, organized grassroots advocacy.

This is the only way to end once and for all with the domination of the bourgeoisie and the remnants of feudalism. It's the only way to wage a struggle against imperialism.

PC Maoist France - March 2011



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