Saturday, March 26, 2011

HSBC Bank at Cambridge Circus attacked by Anti-Capitalist Protestors

Groups of demonstrators have attacked an HSBC bank at Cambridge Circus, London throwing paint at police officers and attempting to storm the building.
Anti-capitalist protesters attacked the bank, smashing windows and painting the slogans "smash the banks" and "thieves".
Eye-witness Reece Hughes, 41, from New Zealand, said  "about 300 protesters" attacked the bank around 2.15pm.
"They came down the road and started smashing the place in," he said. The branch was closed but some managed to break in.
Vans of riot police arrived and the protestors, faces covered in black scarves, ran off down Shaftesbury Avenue.
Within minutes riot police surrounded the bank.
One officer said: "We got here. Carnage. Job done."

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